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New Releases 2020 - Please Support Independent & Regional Music

New Releases 2020
Fred Gillen Jr - If I Woke Up This Morning And Died

jo williamson-pizza wheel 2020 from jo williamson on Vimeo.

tribes_hill 8757
Nada Surf - Never Not Together

"Endure" Official  Video Mimi Goese and Ben Neill
From the release "Life You Are"
Composition by Mimi Goese and Ben Neill

The air awakes smelling of rain and hot concrete
Batten down as much as you can
Against the cardinal direction
No matter the amount of inkling
There's always an inkling
Trees hold your ground
The stirring of the storm
Brace turn into the wind
Blind Blindsided
Howling churning gathering speed
The wind the head
The wind the tail
The wind the whirlwind
Rolling falling gurgling bawling
Vast then float flowing the current
Please hold your ground


Here's a blast from the past from Pete:


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