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Folk Alliance

Mission and Goals

The Mission of Folk Alliance

The North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance exists to foster and promote traditional, contemporary, and multicultural folk music and dance, and related performing arts in North America. The Folk Alliance seeks to strengthen and advance organizational and individual initiatives in folk music and dance through education, networking, advocacy, and professional and field development.

Goals of Folk Alliance

  1. To increase understanding of the rich variety, artistic value, cultural and historical significance, and continuing relevance of folk music and dance among educators, media, and the general public. (Education)
    • To provide a bridge to and from folk music and dance organizations and needed resources, and to help those organizations link with their constituencies. (Networking)
    • To influence decision makers and resource providers on the national, state, provincial, and local levels, insuring the growth of folk music and dance. (Advocacy)
    • To support and encourage the development of new and existing grassroots folk music and dance organizations. (Field Development)
    • To strengthen the effectiveness of folk music and dance organizations by providing professional development opportunities. (Professional Development)