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Business Meeting Minutes


12/04/06 Tribes Hill Meeting Minutes

Members Present
Janice Rost
Bill Wisnowski
Marc Black
Mike Morris
Fred Gillen Jr.
Andy Craig
Iris Cohen
Susan Kane
Elza Mueller-Roemer
John Geller
Carl Knobloch
Steve Kirkman
Anthony da Costa
James Durst
Matt Turk
Lara Herscovitch
Madhumita Chakrabartti
David Goldman
Alisa Amor
Laura Warfield
Mary Beth Kean
Julia Joseph
Dennis da Costa
Leif Smith
Rick Rock
Susan Lang

•Anthony moved to accept minutes on faith. Elza seconded. Minutes were accepted without being read.

•James welcomed the newcomers and encouraged anyone who isnt to become a dues paying member. He also shared some Tribes Hill history for the sake of the newcomers.

Old Business
•St. Mark's home of The Golden Apple Coffeehouse asked us to do three 15-minute sets at their holiday fair December 10. Rick read the names of members who have volunteered.
•Iris may not be available to do sound. Matt will be able to help out with sound from 2:00 -5:00. Rick will arrive early to set up.
•Fred, Steve, and Matt volunteered to perform.

•Rick advised everyone to check the Bulletin Board link from our site for announcements.

New Business
Pleasantville Music Festival
•For the past two years we have participated in the Pleasantville Music Festival. We ran the acoustic stage and managed the merchandise tent. The first year attendance was light but this past year attendance was around 2500.
•Jim Zimmerman who has been the director of the festival for two years will not be taking the position for this coming year. He asked Rick if Tribes Hill is interested in accepting this responsibility and producing the show.
•We discussed the proposition. The Peaks involvement was brought up. Rick told Jim we would not share responsibility with the Peak.
•Matt suggested we hire someone to run the festival. It was agreed this was a good idea but we dont have a budget for that.
•Rick asked Dennis da Costa to take on the directorship. He agreed to help but didnt feel he had the skills to take on this position.
•If we are interested we need to prepare a written proposal to present.
•James suggested we form a committee to explore and present possibilities at the January meeting. He asked for a vote and a majority agreed this is a good idea.
•Bill motioned to set up a committee. Anthony seconded.
•The following members volunteered to be on the exploratory committee:
Matt, James, Susan Kane, Iris, Marc, Dennis, Mary Beth, David, Elza.

Web Site
•Mary Beth asked everyone to register their e-mail addresses on line.
•Rick asked everyone to check the Bulletin Board for announcements.

Solstice Show
•There were about 50 entries for the Solstice Show. Rick edited the list to 24. We went through the list and edited it down to 18 songs. The Program committee agreed to meet immediately following the meeting to set the order.
•Mary Beth will post set list tonight.
•Rick will be home next Monday night so anyone who wants to come and rehearse can.

We adjourned the meeting and broke up into groups to rehearse.

updated: 15 years ago