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Business Meeting Minutes

2012 Annual Meeting


Fredrick Rock, Executive Director
Iris Cohen, Assistant Director
Matt Turk, President
Pete Tamburrini, Vice President
Susan Kane, Treasurer
Janice Rost, Secretary

Phil Dollard
Mary Beth Kean
Carl Knobloch
Mike Morris
Steve Scholle
Bill Wisnowski
Cindy Cromwell
Fred Gillen Jr
Barb Prisament
Joe Cromwell

Eric Puente
Steve Kirkman
Mike Kornfeld
Bob Kresse


Call to Order: by President at 6:15 pm
Previous Minutes: April 2012 Minutes reviewed; Fred motions to accept, Pete seconds; minutes accepted.

President Matt presided as follows…

WEBSITE: Matt described the TH website as a fabulous, vibrant central focus of the tribe.

URBAN H20: We’re scheduled for August and November then TH will cease formally presenting as this is the best decision.

DIRECTIONS/DISCOVERY: The committee will meet over the campfire tonite.

SONGBOOK: The songbook is on our website with hundreds of songs, some with lyrics and MP3. Eventually there will be a published songbook

TREASURERS REPORT: Susan reported as follows:
“Tribes Hill Annual Business Meeting   Treasurer’s Report
As of 6/30/12, Tribes Hill had cash of $1,778, versus cash of $2,169 at 6/30/11.
This does not include petty cash in the “pig.”
For the 2012 fiscal year, we recorded income of $3,264 and sustained a loss of $405 primarily attributable to a $348 loss on the Rob Morsberger benefit concert, where high event expenses associated with the venue, insurance expenses and payments to musicians outstripped ticket sales.
Now that our model does not include membership fees, we collect funds on an as-needed, project-specific basis.  
Our ongoing base expenses of our Folk Alliance group membership ($235 per year) Arts Westchester membership and maintaining the website (a minimum of $180, not including expenditures for enhancements) will continue to depend on the generosity of our members.  
We continue to enjoy 501(c) 3 status, and your donations to Tribes Hill are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.”

MEMBERSHIP: Volunteerism is what makes this organization work. Last year we put into action our idea to hold quarterly business meetings with Board and Officers discussing current and future business to be carried out by committees. We devoted those first Monday dates to Gatherings open to all and hosted in a different home/location. The gatherings were a good idea that allowed us to function as a dynamic community.

TTMH: Matt thanked all who participated in and for the benefit concert for Rob Morsberger. He said it was a great communal and artistic endeavor that illustrated the dynamic between the “Me” vs. “We”

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Rick addressed attendees sharing what he had previously announced in writing to TH members. Following is a summary of his spoken words followed by his letter… Rick said he was stepping down giving others a chance to step up. He has dedicated over 12 years during 14 years of Tribes Hill’s evolution and while he can’t do the administration, he will be active in the community in a creative, volunteerism way. He encouraged all to be involved in community, that being active will evolve TH into a bigger and better organization.  
An excerpt from Rick rock’s letter: “I've dedicated more than 12 years to the service of this organization and to creating a music community for regional artists. I intend to continue to support both regional and independent music on a more personal level, contributing financially to projects that embody the principles which I have championed over the years.
I intend to be available to the future officers and board for consultation. The Tribes Hill office and archives may continue to find residence here at Hammond House. I intend to sort, organize and publish some of these archival items over time. I also intend on remaining a web site administrator. Business meetings are welcome here as well.
I have suggested that we have an informal "Direction" meeting around the campfire the night before our Annual Meeting, sharing songs and ideas. There are many possibilities for Tribes Hill.
As our guiding principles suggest, participation is the key to harmony.
Sing, sing, sing... sing!!!”

CONCLUDING REMARKS: Matt announced that he was stepping down as President and continued with the theme of volunteerism in a culture of fluidity and change. He encouraged members to get on board; there is room to step up and lead, that it is incredible to be part of an upwardly mobile community organization. This said, he invited members to volunteer for a term on the Board.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS AND BOARD: New members stepped up to join current officers and the Assistant Director who all affirmed continuing in their positions. A new President volunteered. Membership present confirmed appointments and the new Board was accepted; they are listed below.
NEW PRESIDENT: Fred’s acceptance speech included that he had been TH’s President three years back and will now give another year of service in this capacity. He announced that the board had chosen Lisa Wenzel as this year’s Honorary Lifetime Member and that there is a benefit event planned for 9/9/12 to honor her in her time of need. It will recreate her favorite annual benefit event for The Golden Apple, a Westchester venue she created and directed to introduce upcoming TH musicians to the community.

ADJOURNMENT: Fred motions; Steve Kaplan seconds; motion accepted.
CLOSING: New President closes meeting at 6:50 pm; the community resumed socializing and music making.    

Tribes Hill Officers and Board Members 2012-2013

Iris Cohen, Assistant Director, Founding Officer
Fred Gillen Jr, President
Pete Tamburrini, Vice President
Susan Kane, Treasurer
Janice Rost, Secretary

Board Members
Phil Dollard
Carl Knobloch
Barb Prisament
Steve Scholle
Larry Kolker
Rick Anheman
George Gierer
Ira Levin
Julia Levin
Di Morgan
Tom Morgan
Mike Rock
Elaine Romanelli
Judy Kass
Peter Shafran

Matt Turk
Susan Kane
James Durst
Fred Gillen, Jr.
Cadence Carroll

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