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Business Meeting Minutes

2013 Annual Meeting



Iris Cohen, Assistant Director, Founding Officer
Fred Gillen Jr, President
Pete Tamburrini, Vice President
Susan Kane, Treasurer
Janice Arlene Rost, Secretary/Administrative Manager

Tom Morgan
Di Morgan
Steve Scholle
George Gierer
Ira Levin
Julia Bordenaro Levin
Judy Kass
Michael Rock
Barb Prisament
Phil Dollard
Larry Kolker
Elaine Romanelli
Peter Shafran

Rick Rock and TH Members at Large


Rick Anheman
Carl Knobloch


CALL TO ORDER: by President at 5:05 pm followed by reading of Mission Statement.
ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES: 3/18/13 minutes accepted (Pete moved; Tom seconds)
OPENING REMARKS: President Fred begins with a tribute to Rob Morsberger who recently passed 6/2/13. Tom moves to posthumously award Rob as this year’s Honorary Lifetime Member (Carter seconds; motion accepted).

GUEST SPEAKER, Dave Davidson, collaborated with Rob over the years. He thanks TH for honoring him and speaks about Rob’s accomplishments. Rob produced nine CDs after his diagnosis and together they worked on a documentary about Morsberger; the film ‘Rescoring Richter: (The Making of) Ghosts Before Breakfast’ to be shown at the Jacob Burns Theater.  

FINANCES: Susan Kane says a few words about Rob then gives Treasurer’s Report – “Figures are as of June 9, 2013.  The report will be adjusted and finalized as of 6/30/13 for our official fiscal year end.
As of 6/9/13, Tribes Hill had cash of $2,497, versus cash of $1,778 at 6/30/12. This does not include petty cash in the “pig.”
For the 2013 fiscal year TO DATE, we have recorded revenues of $5,341 and a surplus of $769.  Revenues are up because last year’s annual meeting took place after our fiscal year end, so those monies collected are included here, as well as additional donations and distributions to Rob Morsberger whom we are celebrating today.  We also collected over $700 from the pig, and had a very successful Tribes Hill Presents (at River Road House) organized by George Gierer, which netted $360, and in September, Crafts at Lyndhurst initiated and honchoed by Diane Morgan, which netted $424.
We continue to source funding on an as-needed, project-specific basis.  Our ongoing base expenses of our Folk Alliance group membership ($235 per year) Arts Westchester membership ($100) and maintaining the website (a minimum of $180, not including expenditures for enhancements) will continue to depend on the generosity of our members.  Our continued 501(c) 3 status makes your donations to Tribes Hill tax deductible to the extent provided by law!
I look forward to handing over this office to the capable hands of Tom Morgan.”

NERFA: Mike Kornfield brings greetings from Long Island TH members who are at a NERFA meeting, then speaks about music happenings on Long Island.

OLD BUSINESS: President reviews some highlights from past year…
TH Presents included: A Benefit Concert at Tarrytown Music Hall with proceeds helping Rob M. with his medical expenses. Fred noted, “This is the kind of thing we do at TH”. Planning for this show motivated Rob to contact Brad Roberts and ask him to collaborate, leading them to write and record the Midnight Garden concert presented at the music Hall.  
TH partnered with Caramoor for the American Roots Festival in June.  TH will have a camp at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and are active in NERFA. Partnering with Carter/Common Ground Concerts, this solstice show honored (storm) Sandy victims with some proceeds going to storm relief. Our 11th annual Winter Solstice show was a great success with some great collaboration among TH artists who presented to a full house. TH partnered with the "Sunplugged" event, which despite the rain, was a success. Our three days of TH Presents at Lyndhurst Crafts Fair was fantastic and we were invited back for the September fair.
Some collaborative Gig events included Mike Rock, Fred Gillen Jr., and South County, opened by Scoot Horton, at Lucy's, and G&T with The Levins at Bean Runner.
We held eleven great Monday night Gatherings.

NEW BUSINESS: ELECTIONS: Fred shared that four years after being TH President, he was begged to accept the presidency again during a time of major transition. He acknowledged our past presidents - Cadence, James, Susan, and Matt. Fred described the officer positions and acknowledged the current Secretary and the three new officers stepping up from board members.
Officer positions:
Secretary/Administrative Manager: Janice Rost (Peter motions, Judy seconds)
Treasurer: Tom Morgan (Ira motions; Susan K seconds)
Vice President: Mike Rock (Peter motions; Tom seconds)
President: George Gierer (Iris motions; Barb seconds)
Board positions: current board except for Carl and Rick A. New board members are Ted Berkowitz, Danny Savyon, Carter Smith, Gannet Ries and Pat Taylor. List will be on site.

ADJOURNMENT: Pete motions; Larry seconds; motion accepted.
CLOSING: President thanks us and closes meeting at 5:50 pm