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Business Meeting Minutes


Business Meeting Minutes 9/8/14
Members Present:
Susan Kane
Tom Morgan
Scoot Horton
Larry Kolker
George Gierer
Iris Cohen
Pete Tamburrini
Pete Shafran
Gannett Ries
Mike Rock
Ira Levin
Julia Bordanero
Janice Rost
Rick Rock
Mary Beth Kean
Elaine Romanelli
Judy Kass
Steve Scholle

7:20 Meeting called to order.
Pete T. moved to accept minutes, Scoot seconded. Minutes accepted.

Treasurer's Report From Tom (Treasurer) (see below)
Tom passed the checkbook to Rick Rock for this weekend.
Tom read the list of vendors we have for the John Jay festival including food and crafts.

Daniel Noy resigned his board position.

John Jay
Larry reported that he, Pete S and the staff at John Jay are ready for Sunday. There has been a lot of publicity.
George G volunteered to be the coordinator for vendor placement including a plan. George will also Emcee. Janice and Mary Beth volunteered to help George with vendors. Pete T and Larry briefly discussed the plan (layout of stage, tents, vendors, audience etc.). Each vendor is expecting 1 table and 2 chairs. Larry is ordering extra tables. Only a few vendors requested electricity.
Spread the word on Facebook.
Festival expenses include ice and insurance. There was discussion of alternatives to keep down the cost of ice.
There will be radio shout outs about the fest from John Platt (WFUV) on Sunday morning and on WFUD.

Board members attending NERFA are Judy, Peter S, Susan, Larry, George, Elaine, Steve S. Elaine may be willing to use her room as a TH Guerilla showcase but she doesn't have a room yet. George and Carter have a room and may be able to "host" a TH event in their room. It was suggested TH do a song circle or showcases. Artists going want showcases and they are hard to come by so TH should try to provide showcase spots if possible. October 6 is the deadline to get a room for showcases. Email George with ideas. Generally the board agreed that TH will make a financial contribution for the room. A committee will be formed if we get the room. Committee will be headed by whoever hosts the room and the other board members going will be on the committee. Susan Lang has passed the torch for the merchandise table to Peter S. We will only have one table this year.

Christmas Solstice Celebration
Carter agreed to host Solstice again at The Unitarian Church but he needs to confirm the date. Sunday Dec. 14 is tentative date. Start time 4:30. We need help with food. Iris will ask Di to take on coordinating food. Iris is heading up the committee. Is the Monday gathering before the show a rehearsal or a gathering? General consensus is that we want to celebrate our community and see more collaboration. The venue where we had the gathering last year cost $300.00. Iris will ask Carter if we can have the gathering and the show at the same place. Rick will ask about Pocantico Church. Arts Westchester has a space we may be able to use.

Monthly Gatherings
We scheduled gatherings. October- George, November (Elaine or TBD –Janice will confirm), January Steve S, February Tom, March Judy, April Mike, May Scoot
Elaine volunteered to be on The Gatherings committee.

Song Writing Workshop
Only 2 people have signed up for all sessions. 4 more people signed up for all the sessions are needed to run the event. Hudson Valley Music channel may be good marketing outlet. If anyone has ideas for marketing please email Steve S. We will have flyers at John Jay.

Rick would like to be reimbursed approx. $400 (he is donating $100 of the cost) for the approx. $500 he spent to buy another tent for John Jay.
Tom Moved, Pete seconded, Motion passed.

8:30 Iris motioned to adjourn. Steve S seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Treasurer’s Report
Tribes Hill
September 8, 2014
Thomas Morgan

Opening checkbook balance – 06/06/2014:        $3021.04

Donations (June Solstice)    $585.58    
Pig -
Vendor Fees for Music Festival  $1025.00

Summer Solstice
Lumber for stage
Rebuild  $598.56
Stage rebuild other    $67.18
Stage backdrop    $49.22
Food and beverages  $352.42
Sound    $66.00

Song Writers Workshop   $150.00
Web hosting        $54.00    $35.00

Total              $1372.38

Ending checkbook balance – 09/7/2014$3259.24

Music Festival

Song Writers Workshop
Net  $366.36

Expenses  $875.00
Net  $625.00