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Business Meeting Minutes


Tribes Hill Board Meeting January 12, 2015
Members Present:
Steve Scholle
Peter Shafran
Scoot Horton
George Grier
Iris Cohen
Peter Tamburinni
Judy Kass
Gannet Ries
Mike Rock
Susan Kane
Tom Morgan
Rick Rock
Mary Beth Kean
Julia Bordenaro
Ira Levin

Guest observer Katie Schmidt-Feder

7:04 George called the meeting to order.

Correction to minutes: change dates for gathering in September minutes: Scoot is hosting the April gathering and; Mike Rock is hosting the May gathering.

Additional comments on monthly gatherings: Judy may need to switch out of her March commitment. She is happy to switch. George said he would do it. Rick and MB want to host the Labor Day meeting/gathering. February will be at the Croton Library together with Ted Berkowitz’s art opening (6:00-8:30/9:00). No alcohol but there will be food. Post food contributions you are bringing on the Facebook home page.

Iris motioned to accept minutes, Tom 2nd, Motion passed

Song-Writing Workshop
Steve thanked Rick for coming. He plans to do another workshop in the spring. He is looking for someone to join the committee to help with recruiting. Lisa Jane Lipkin was suggested. Some suggestions included marketing to High Schools or SUNY Purchase. Maybe offer scholarships.

We discussed limiting committee membership to one per person, each person being only on one or two committees. Try to find people to be on committees who are not on the board. Recruit from our mailing list and ask at the monthly gatherings. We should all be looking for and spreading the word to get more people involved. We discussed stickers, post cards, business cards, T-shirts. Rick will come up with some graphics for biz card and post card.

Iris is stepping down as chair for Solstice committee. Mary Beth volunteered for the position. Judy volunteered to be on the committee. Iris will remain on the committee. Tom Morgan joined the committee.

Treasurer’s Report from Tom Morgan
(included below)

George thanked Steve S. for another successful writing series.
Tom will investigate Tribes Hill at Lyndhurst for the Spring.
John Jay was a fantastic festival. We rebuilt the stage, bought speakers, we have a new tent and we have more money than we started with. Congratulations from George.

We had a table and a showcase room and a presence. It was positive overall.
We need a shorter banner (maybe 2) for a 6-foot table.

Time to get some nicer lights. Pete will investigate and report back.

George asked each Board member to come up with an idea for the coming year. Some ideas from around the table included more “Tribes Hill Presents” more shows at more places with more people, collaborate with some groups like Tribes Hill in other regions or areas, Ron Olesko the guy who organizes Hurdy Gurdy wants to do a Tribes Hill event in Fairlawn New Jersey. Susan K is working with him on this. We should do Lyndhurst and John Jay again. Pay someone to perform at the Annual Meeting. Have a Tribes Hill presence at The Hoot in Ashoken. Donate music instruments to some students in need or work with other organizations to collect donations of old instruments to share with students in need. Peter volunteered to chair the John Jay Festival committee and he would like to double attendance. We need to get new T-shirts. A link on the website or a seminar on how to promote your CDs would be helpful. Put on some workshops for musicians on sound or marketing. Do a new Tribes Hill compilation CD and include some cover songs from fellow musicians. We need more merchandise with Tribes Hill on it. Put on more shows, maybe themed shows, maybe honor a specific artist like John Prine.

Katie Schmidt-Feder, Co-founder/Executive Director, EMBARK | Peekskill
is observing our Board Meeting for her studies. She also has an art group and a space in Peekskill she said we could use.

We may need to consider an RSVP for our monthly gatherings if they get too big.

Tom moved to adjourn Iris seconded. Meeting adjourned 8:33pm.

Treasurer’s Report
Tribes Hill
January 12, 2015

Thomas Morgan

Opening checkbook balance – 09/7/2014$3,259

•Donations       $618
•Tribes Hill Presents
oMusic Festival$7,408
oSong Writers Workshop$1,540
oWinter Solstice       $320
oNERFA showcase fees   $104

•Tribes Hill Presents
oMusic Festival
•Artists paid $4,450
•John Jay Homestead    $384*
•Royal Press    $100*
•John Jay Homestead    $850*
(revenue sharing)
•Sound    $450
•Food, beverages & supplies    $411
•Insurance     $120
oSong Writers Workshop
•Artists paid$1,590
oWinter Solstice
•Party room rental   $150
•Food & beverage   $322
•Web hosting – Slab Media      $54
•Tent for stage   $350
oSuite upgrade    $273
oTables      $75

Note:  *Checks have not cleared ($1,334)

Closing checkbook balance – 12/31/2014$5,005
(Closing balance with cleared checks)$3,670

Special Projects
Writers Workshop #1
Net   $366

Writers Workshop #2
Net  ($50)
Expenses    $875
Net  $625
Music Festival

Winter Solstice
Income    $681
Expenses    $322
Net   $359