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NEW RELEASE! The Levin's "Caravan of Dawn" now available for streaming through Spotify and YouTube.

 NEW RELEASE The Levin039s quotCaravan of Dawnquot now available for streaming through Spotify and YouTube.
AWAKE! CARAVAN OF DAWN IS HERE! “There’s a caravan of dawn, lighting up the curve, always moving on… Breaking up the darkness with an aviary song. Singing: “Beauty has claimed you. Seasons have changed you.  This moment reveals you. Nothing conceals you!”
Ira Levin and Julia Bordenaro Levin—together known professionally, and personally, as The Levins—bridge communities with their infectious musicality, uplifting the socially-conscious, the spiritual, weary and often, the cynical. Caravan Of Dawn, an album-oriented experience, represents a milestone of assured artistry. This self-produced NEW RELEASE, "CARAVAN OF DAWN" goes deeper by taking an aerial view of life's ability to break the chains of darkness and light, to explore the sorrow inside joy and the joy inside sorrow. THE REVIEWS ARE IN:
"The Levins emulate a timeless sound that's chock full of seamless harmonies, simple, supple melodies. Sweetly seductive and unerringly sublime, Caravan of Dawn is a journey worth joining." - Lee Zimmerman, Goldmine Magazine "The open hearted songs of The Levins feed my soul. What the world needs now more than ever is the poetry, spirituality, and humanity of their upliftng musicality."  - John Platt, WFUV “The Levins have scored another “win” with the release of “Caravan of Dawn”. Their trademark harmonies have never sounded better and the collection of uplifting songs serve up the perfect tonic for whatever ails we might be facing. Uplifting, inspiring and loving - their latest CD is a stunning production that gives us a chance to pause and celebrate the joys of life. A most welcome recording!”- Ron Olesko, WFDU "The Levins tap into musical inspiration that is both inspiring and inspired.  They seek to create a musical harmony meant to raise listeners to a higher plane.  Caravan of Dawn is a gorgeous work!" - Joltin Joe Pszonek, Radio Nowhere “The Levins music-a much needed remedy for a hurried and harried world. They serve to remind us of the old adage that says music & poetry can indeed be a soothing balm for troubled times.” - Lee Zimmerman, No Depression "My favorite color is Levin Yellow... follow the Yellow Brick Road!" - Rick Rock, Tribes Hill
Ira and Julia: “This video is very personal and special to us. The lyric of Indivisible was inspired by our marriage of seventeen years, but we are both fortunate to have come from parents who enjoyed their Golden and Diamond anniversaries and to have families that are still very much connected.  Whoever you have a timeless bond with, the song is for you.” "Indivisible, our bond, invisible in plain sight. Indivisible, our bond, sending never-ending songs into the night..."