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Opportunities for Artists

Call for Submissions for Tribes Hill Compilation CD Vol. 2

Tribes Hill is producing a new compilation CD, Kindred Folk Volume 2.  It is intended to be a broad representation of the work of various Tribes Hill artists.  Artists are invited to submit broadcast quality, radio friendly (keeping in mind FCC rules) songs that they believe represent their highest artistic achievement.  Songs should not be longer than 4:30 minutes so that we can fit up to 17 songs on the disc.  Original compositions are strongly preferred.  Interpretations of traditional or public domain material can be considered, but the artist must own assignable copyrights.  You may submit more than one song for consideration if you can't decide, but the final decision will then be left to the selection committee.  There is no particular theme, but we want to assemble a diverse selection of great quality music.  As in the past, this disc will be used as promotional material for Tribes Hill.  

Artists will be required to sign releases with respect to copyright, PRO issues, and playing the songs on the Tribes Hill website and MySpace page.  

Tribes Hill has received a grant from The Puffin Foundation to partially finance the costs of producing this project.  Budgeted expense items include: graphic design, engineering and mastering, and replication.  The committee expects to order at least 2000 CDs, and in order to stay within the budget, artist whose tracks are selected will be required to contribute not more than $50 (amount subject to determination of final total project costs) to defray project expenses.  Artists will receive 50 copies for their own use.  The committee will present the project to several manufacturers for bids in order to obtain the most economic cost.  Please be aware that certain details of the project may change as the manufacturing costs are negotiated.  

Please submit your song in the form of an MP3 and email it to by May 15, 2009.  Use the same email address for any questions.  We are looking forward to your submissions!

updated: 13 years ago