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NERFA 2008

Guerilla Showcases

Tribes Hill Opportunity: The 2008 NERFA [Northeast Regional Folk
Alliance] Conference will be held November 13-16 at the Hudson Valley
Resort, Kerhonkson, NY.

SHOWCASE: This is the final showcase list.  Please note that any member of Tribes Hill WHO DOES NOT HAVE A SHOWCASE can sign up Friday and Saturday afternoons in the Exhibition Hall for a Round Robin song circle that will conclude the showcases each night.  Remember, too, that if you have a showcase, you need to work a shift at the table in the Exhibition Hall; email Susan Lang [] to sign up for that.  We need people for Saturday and Sunday morning; check the schedule on the Exhibit Hall page.

Tribes Hill Guerrilla Showcase lineup and song circles

Friday evening, hosted by Susan Kane

11:45 Kelly Flint

12:00 Beaucoup Blue

12:15 Meg Braun

12:30 Jay and Catherine Mafale

12:45 Ali Chambliss

1:00 Rich Deans

1:15 Susan Kane

1:30 Erin Sax Seymour

1:45 Kathleen Pemble

2:00 A Round Robin for Tribes Hill members without any guerrilla showcases.

2:30 Circle Jam

Saturday evening, hosted by Leif Smith

11:45 David LaFleur

12:00 Lara Herscovitch

12:15 Marc Black

12:30 My Dad's Truck

12:45 Brittany Ann

1:00  Joe Iadanza

1:15  Doug Alan Wilcox

1:30  Chuck E. Costa

1:45  Thea Hopkins

2:00 A Round Robin for Tribes Hill members without any guerrilla showcases.

2:30 Circle Jam

EXHIBIT HALL:  Members who are chosen to showcase must volunteer for a
shift of one hour at the table.  If you are not chosen but would like
to display your wares, a $10 fee will get your CDs seen and help pay
for the table.  Please sign up for a shift by going to the NERFA
section of the bulletin board. If you have any questions, email Susan
Lang at, or email Bill Wisnowski.

SHOWCASE ROOM:  Volunteers are needed to help Carl set up and decorate
the showcase room.  Sign up on the NERFA section of the bulletin board.

There are two openings for members to sleep in the showcase room if you
wish to stay at a reduced rate (and don't mind the late nights).

Refreshments will be pot luck; please bring your contribution to the
guerilla showcase room.

We hope to see you there!

William Wisnowski,, NERFA 2008 Coordinator,