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Business Meeting Minutes


Minutes 3/9/09

Members Present:
Mary Beth Kean
Janice Rost
Bill Wisnowski
Susan Kane
Marc Black
Rick Rock
Carl Knobloch
Mike Morris
Barb Prisament
Matt Turk
Eric Puente
Fred Gillen Jr.
Glen Rothel
Jay Mafale
Joe Duraes
Cindy Cromwell
Joe Cromwell
Catherine Miles
Jenny Murphy
Iris Cohen
Pete Tamburrini
Steve Kirkman

7:57  Susan called the meeting to order.
Cindy motioned to accept minutes. Minutes seconded and accepted.
Susan asked members to sign up for dinner and "feed" the pig. She thanked Janice and Cindy for a delicious dinner this evening

Treasurer's and Membership report
Folk Alliance dues for the year have been paid. We have about $7000 in the bank.
We have 90 dues paying members and over 300 on our mailing list.

Susan read mission statement.
She attended Folk alliance conference. Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby observed that although independent musicians have been well served by technology changes facilitating 'do it yourself' careers, the future paradigm will be more collaborative--"do it ourselves."  She thought that that was a nifty corroboration of the mission and vision of Tribes Hill.

Compilation CD
Susan will post a call for submissions for the compilation cd under Opportunities for Artists on the Tribes Hill web site bulletin board by the end of the week.
If we include about 17 tracks $50 from each artist included and the Puffin grant should cover the cost of production. Each included artist will receive 50 cds for free.

Susan encouraged members to let it be known if they are interested in taking on an officer position for the coming year. Officers are selected by the board at the Annual Meeting. The Board is selected at the annual Meeting by the members.

Annual Meeting
Carl reported the following;
We need a volunteer for grounds person. Responsibilities include finding people to set up the tent get out table and chairs, set up and strike everything at the end of the evening.
Food will be potluck. Tribes Hill will supply food for the grill, water.
Mary Beth, Cindy, and Janice volunteered for food committee.
We have signs from last year.
We have a stage manager
We need someone to navigate parking if necessary
We need a volunteer to head Membership Registration and Merchandise tent.
The YaYa's will be performing. Carl suggested we may choose an open micer to close the show but all the comments were negative. Fred suggested we add a component of the Tribes Hill songbook show. All the comments for this were positive. Fred will coordinate the performers. Bill will co-coordinate.
Rick would like to nominate Richard Cuccaro publisher of Acoustic Live as our Honorary Lifetime member for the year.
Fred motioned Carl seconded. Accepted unanimously.
Rick will contact Richard.
Get a hold of Carl if you have questions or want to volunteer.  Carl gave his email.
One reason for the meeting is to renew membership, play music, and make friends. You can also get a tax deduction if you make an additional contribution.
We will advertise the annual meeting as a newsletter. If you renew before September 31 you get non-voting rights at FA.

Tribes Hill songbook
We have about 38 songs and will soon have the final songs selected. Selected songs will be included in a song book we hope to distribute to schools and libraries. We also hope to do more shows and to put together a simple cd for learning the songs with guitar and voice only.
The show at Westchester Arts Council venue will feature Tribes Hill artists Jonathan chose Kathleen Pemble, KJ Denhert, Anthony da Costa, Steve Kirkman, Fred Gillen Jr. Each artist has to perform songs of other Tribes Hill artists. May 2
Rick also suggested we incorporate an online component.
The show is not contingent on the songbook. The more important long-term goal is for TH artists to cover each other's songs!
Playing each other's songs feels good and it legitimizes the music.

Rick is still collecting ideas from artists.
The show will be September 27 and will include dance, film, slides, Pete's Interview and original music from Tribes Hill musicians celebrating the Hudson River. It will be a historical narrative from the river's point of view.
River That Runs Both Ways by Rick Nesler and Clearwater by Steve Kirkman will open and close the show respectively. Rick is hoping to produce a cd and dvd to be sold as a fundraising instrument. He will plan some field trips to see Hudson River paintings to inspire songwriters.
Watch the website for more information.
Because the music will be all-original production for the dvd is less complicated. We can use it as a fundraising instrument. Rick is hoping to get some big sponsors.

WGH dvd
Simon put the footage together. It just needs to be copied. It has been posted on the web at Hudson Valley Music Channel. Any copies to artists are private copies. Rick will make some copies available.

The Solstice show sound was remastered and passed to Simon.

Matt suggested artists buy the Tribes Hill compilation CDs and sell them or give them away to promote the Tribes Hill community and our message.
Let's sell what we have and make room for making new things.

Marc motioned to adjourn the meeting. Cindy seconded. All agreed. Meeting adjourned.

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