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Business Meeting Minutes


6/1/09 Members Present
Madhumita Chakrabartti
Cindy Cromwell
Janice Rost
Barb Prism
Mike Morris
Pete Tamburrini
Joe Cromwell
Iris Cohen
Bill Wisnowski
Carl Knobloch
Jay Mafale
Catherine Miles
Mary Beth Kean
Fred Gillen Jr.
John Geller
Eric Puente
Phil Dollard
Susan Kane
Rick Rock
Marc Black
Steve Kirkman
James Durst
Gigi Millard
Lou Patrick
Rick Ahneman

8:00 Susan called the meeting to order.
Cindy motioned to accept minutes, Janice seconded.   The motion carried and minutes were accepted

Treasurers report
We have $7438.000 in account of this the following is already allocated Library fund $1000, grant for compilation cd $750, grant for Hudson River show.
We are enjoying a cushion.

Annual Meeting
There will be an opportunity to join the board at the meeting. A member can hold an officer position after one year on the board. The current officers have all held the positions for awhile. Susan and Bill will do it again this year but would like to see some new people step forward. Madhumita has been treasurer for a very long time and may be moving. The treasurer's job includes writing checks, keeping track of finances, and preparing financial reports for FA.
Board members should be willing to hold an officer position.

Carl's report
Setting up the big tent and chairs will begin Friday night.
Saturday10:30 am we will begin set up for the day. Coffee and donuts will be provided.
We still need someone to take on grounds committee head. They will oversee set up and break down, and monitor trash removal through the day. They will work with Rick.
Remember to park at bank and bring your mug

Compilation CD
The committee is working on selection of tracks for the compilation. We hope to be done by the end of the summer

Tribes Hill Song Book Show!
The show was sold out! Standing room only. Press before the show was great. Many audience members had not been to a TH show before. Rick invited all to applaud Fred and Matt and Steve for organizing the show. It was phenomenal. It showed TH in the best of light. Rick was really really proud. He wants to see this grow. He asked Ann (FRFF) about having a spot on one of the stages. She liked the idea and said maybe next year.
Carter from Common Ground is also interested in hosting a show (maybe next May).
Jay M has contact info for photographer who took photos at the show.

Rick again encouraged everyone to learn each others songs.

Songbook update.
Fred reported that the committee is working on a definitive list for the book and the web site. They are still going through submissions.
Rick suggested to Matt and Fred that one way to decide which songs make it in would be to ask artist to submit songs by other artists they would like to cover. rather than having artists submit their own songs.
He also suggested that summer song circles present a great opportunity to learn each others songs. The committee had hoped to have the book by NERFA but perhaps the tentative Common Ground show in May could be a release.

River Songs
The date has been changed to October 25 due to a conflict with a Holiday. The show will include original songs about the Hudson River. Rick plans to put together some workshops this summer to develop the songs.

New Business
We need a Web Master. Duties would include keeping content current, posting photos, updating member access to the calendar, keeping web site addresses of members current, updating links, getting music on the wimpy player, and working with Slab Media to solve problems when they arise
You don't have to be on the board to take on the responsibility.

Falcon Ridge
Michael Kornfeld is interested in collaborating with TH again this year. He will make some changes to the way he did things last year. He will have more of an open circle this time in response to comments from last year.
Rick will let him do it however he likes. He is the committee head for this project.

Target grant
Jon Mann (WAC) encouraged us to apply for a Target Foundation grant. Susan submitted a grant proposal last week. "Calling all Kids" will invite kids age 8-14 to co write songs with TH artists. The songs will be performed at a show next Spring at the WAC venue next Spring. WAC is donating the use of the venue. The grant would be for $3000. If we get the grant we will need a person to head the project. Artists participating will be compensated. This is a wonderful progression for us. If anyone would like to read the grant submission we can provide the link upon request.

we need a venue. One possibility is the White Plains Performing Arts Center. They are having financial difficulty. Irvington Town Hall is another possibility. Fred volunteered to talk to Scott Seltzer to see if he is interested in working with us on this.

8:53 Bill motioned to adjourn. Catherine seconded. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.

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