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Business Meeting Minutes


7/2/07 Tribes Hill Meeting Minutes

Members Present:
Mary Beth Kean
Rick Rock
Carl Knobloch
Steve Kirkman
Jill Perlstein
Alisa Amor
Anthony da Costa
Cindy Cromwell
Joe Cromwell
Marc Black
Susan Kane
Madhumita Chakrabartti
Iris Cohen
Mike Morris
Janice Rost
Laura Warfield
Bill Wisnowski
Lisa Barile
Joann Prinzivalli
Geralyn DiGiovanni
Ruth Post

Susan called the meeting to order. We went around the table and introduced ourselves. Ruth motioned to accept the minutes from the last meeting. Marc seconded. Minutes were unanimously accepted via vote.

Old Business
Pleasantville Music Festival
•There have been changes in now we are participating. We will not be opening the festival from the main stage. Rich and Sol overbooked so we will move to the Acoustic stage for our opening set. We will open around 11:30 with what we will call a Sound Check for Woody. Artists should arrive the day of the show at 9:00 am.
•Everyone volunteering to help with tent set-up on Friday should arrive at the site at 10:00am. Saturday Rick will need help transporting the sound equipment from Westy's.
•There were questions regarding the placement of the stage. It cannot be moved but perhaps it can be pivoted slightly to cut down on sound bleed. Rick will ask. We will also ask them to push the fence line near the acoustic stage right next to the edge of the parking lot.
•Rick shared that Sol and Rich wanted us to move the merchandise tent to the vendor area. Rick expressed security concerns and requested that if we move the tent they accept responsibility for any loss. They declined and it was agreed the tent would remain where it has been.
•All musicians can use the Green Room behind the main stage. Bill volunteered his RV as a green room but it was suggested this might not be a good idea because of liability.
•We passed around sign-up sheets for volunteers for the Merchandise tent and set-up.

•We discussed suggesting a uniform price for cds. We agreed all artists should sign a release indicating they are responsible for all applicable sales tax. Madhumita will send Mary Beth a copy of the form used last year.
•Susan L, Carl, and Mary Beth agreed to arrive by 9am to sign in artist's merchandise.
•We will ask artists to donate a cd or something to the raffle. If they are donating something this should be indicated on the sign-in sheet so it isn't counted as a sale. All cds should be priced in $1 amounts to make record keeping easier.
•Cindy suggested getting items donated from a local music shop. It was agreed that this would be better for the Solstice Show. Susan pointed out to us that legally we should have a gaming license to have a raffle. In light of this it is best to keep the raffle low key. We will announce the winner of the raffle from the Acoustic Stage. We will have a separate bank for the raffle. Janice volunteered to help with the raffle.

CD Storage
•Mary Beth asked everyone who has cds stored at the house to please take them.

Falcon Ridge
•We applauded Anthony who has been selected to appear on the Emerging Artist Stage.
•Budgie Dome would like to be near us.
•Bill will be going up Sunday the week before to set up. Can we do that? It was suggested it would be best to get there early Wednesday. We should try to accommodate about 6 tents.

Web Page Upgrading
Mary Beth, Anthony, and Carl have agreed to participate on this committee. Mary Beth asked for one more person who has some knowledge of basic HTML even though we are not writing code. Susan Lang volunteered.

New Business
Rick and Mary Beth designed and ordered t-shirts to sell at Pleasantville. Many members expressed a desire for XL and XXL sizes. Our cost per t-shirt is about $9.50. We agreed to sell them for $15.00 to members and $20.00 to non-members.
Ruth made a motion that Tribes Hill will accept the expense of the t-shirts and reimburse Rick and Mary Beth. Anthony 2nd. All approved.

Westchester Arts Grant
The Westchester arts council is awarding grants to arts organizations up to  the cost of the event not to exceed $5000. We are eligible to apply. It was suggested we set up a committee to adapt the Music to Libraries fund to the Grant Proposal. They will favor events that include ticket sales. Rick suggested we produce a compilation cd to give to libraries. Should we pursue a grant for the Solstice Show? A committee was formed. Bill Ruth and Janice volunteered to sit on the committee.

Ruth's Lake House
Ruth would like to put together a show at the community building where she lives. We may not have to pay rental fees but could still charge admission. Rick suggested we use this as a model. Both Tribes Hill and the Artists will be compensated using the "Tribes Hill Presents"  split model. Friday October 12 was proposed as a tentative date. On November 3 Bill and Carl suggested a Tribes Hill Presents at the Roots Music Coffee House. Anthony suggested one at the Towne Crier.

9:30 Anthony motioned to close the meeting. Mike 2nd. Meeting adjourned.