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Business Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

Ruth Post
Janice Rost
Bob Kresse
Susan Lang
Matt Turk
Audi Wilken
Mike Morris
Fred Gillen Jr.
Bill Wisnowski
Leif Smith
Steve Kirkman
James Durst
Cindy Cromwell
Joe Cromwell
Elliot Levy
Madhumita Chakrabartti
Lara Herscovitch
Mary Beth Kean
Rick Rock

7:50 Susan opened the meeting. Ruth motioned to accept the minutes, James seconded. Motion carried.
•We all introduced ourselves by name.
•James read Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles.
•Susan reminded us to please refrain from cross talk and to wait to be called on by chair before speaking.
•She noted it was glad to see more people at the meetings but also reminded us that we need to work outside of the meetings.

•We applaud Anthony da Costa's landslide popularity at Falcon Ridge on the Emerging Artists' Stage!
•Susan Kane will be on 100.7 WHUD (Danbury) this Friday on Kathryn Michaels' show showcasing regional music.

Old Business
Credit Card Sales:
Anyone with a cd baby account can sell anyone's cd's. Susan said she's willing to let Tribes Hill use hers. We agreed to try taking credit cards for cd sales at the Solstice Show. As they do at Clearwater we will have a designated person for credit card sales only.

West Art Grants:
•We proposed ideas. We discussed the number of grants to apply for.
•Ruth motioned to write the grant for one show highlighting Westchester artists. Tribes Hill Artists will perform music written by notable Westchester residents both historic and contemporary. James seconded. Motion Carried.
•A committee was formed: Mary Beth (agreed to chair), Ruth, Rick, Matt (to proof production aspects of the proposal), Lara Herscovitch (to proof), Susan Lang (to proof).
•Rick asked everyone to contribute names of notable Westchester musicians to the list.

Puffin Foundation Grants
•Susan suggested we might be able to get a Puffin Grant to make our next compilation cd. The awards average between $1,000 and $2,500. The application deadline is December.
•Fred motioned we apply for a Puffin Grant. Ruth seconded. Motion carried.

Web Site:
Lara volunteered to update the links at our site We want to encourage members to link to us and to our "my space" page.
•We briefly discussed putting press photos on the site but Matt suggested artists are always changing their press photos. He suggested it would be nicer to see more photos of us hanging out and performing.
•Susan Lang agreed to edit and post news entries for the site. We will post "guidelines for submitting news" on the site.

Solstice Show
•Janice said Lisa thinks we will be able to get our date, Sunday, December 16 at the Golden Apple Coffeehouse.
•Janice has a lead on another venue in White Plains with a built in audience. It was suggested we do a "teaser" show at the alternate venue on Saturday, preceding our Sunday show. James volunteered to go with Janice to pitch the idea to the venue of doing a 50/50 split.
•Matt expressed concerns about publicity. We discussed setting up a publicity committee. Matt suggested we hire a publicity person. They might cost $500. Matt suggested artists contributing for the publicist. Bill suggested this might be a good idea for a larger venue. Lara will inquire about a CT venue. It should have a built in audience. Matt suggested the Fairfield Coffeehouse. They have a built in audience.

Ruth's Show
•October 19 at her Community Lake House. "Pot Luck" Bring a dish. Monty will perform. Anthony cannot.

Press Releases
Remember to send James Press information for "Tribes Hill Presents" shows, like Ruth's and post them on the calendar. James will compose the press release and Mary Beth will send it out to our members.

Susan suggested the recent e-mail regarding NERFA satisfied our need for a "Call To Members" for Membership.

Feel Good Tour
•Fred encouraged all to consider donating instruments to this cause. For more information visit

•Fred volunteered to produce the Compilation Cd with Rick. Fred will need material by the next meeting.

Next Meeting October 1
•Cindy and Joe volunteered to shop for and prepare our meal.

Lara motioned to adjourn. Bob seconded. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.