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Business Meeting Minutes


Iris Cohen
Susan Kane
Janice Rost
Cindy Cromwell
Joe Cromwell
Pete Tamburrini
Bill Wisnowski
Carl Knobloch
Mike Morris
Fred Gillen, Jr.
Rick Rock
Marc Black

Mary Beth could not be present so Iris took on the role of secretary. No treasurer's report as Madhumita could not be here.
Marc motioned to accept last month's minutes, Cindy seconded. Minutes were accepted.

The mission statement was read aloud.  It was reminded that we agreed to read it at every monthly meeting.

Follow ups- Susan asked what was the cost of the NERFA CD.  Rick thinks around $1100 yielding 1000 copies. Done by SuperDupes.  Rick said there are problems though.  Oasis was not chosen despite the fact that they are a NERFA member because they cost $500 more and couldn't do what Rick wanted.  

Susan suggested we go around the table with gigs/announcements:  Susan Kane- Cool Beans in Oradell NJ 1/12.  She played at Banjo Jim's on 9th & Ave. C said the owner is very supportive and there is quite an assortment of talent.  Cindy went to Cold Spring Foundry Coffee house which is only open during the day but is busy on weekends and they have live music. Nice size space and big blown up pictures.  Every Thursday at the Depot there is a songwriter round called the Listening Room.  Iris played there this past Thursday.
Janice mentioned the Circle of Friends Folk Circle this Friday and Open Mic this Saturday.
Bill recently did a Clearwater benefit show for Helen (didn't get last name).  My Dad's Truck is at Molton Java in Bethel, CT on 1/19, their monthly gig.  The song Circle is the first Sunday of the month at 2PM.  Carl hosted the last one but Bill would like someone who can play host when he's not available. The place doesn't have its own audience though. Carl said the last one was a lot of fun, ran three hours unplugged.
The second Saturday is the Roots Music Coffeehouse, this one featuring Arlon Bennet.  One hour open mic before hand.  contact
Joe finished lesson 6 on an internet guitar course (aboutguitar) he started a website and did his first recording with a band.  His very first gig was at an Altzheimer's party.  He figured if he stank they wouldn't remember it.  Music memory is stored in a special part of the brain.  One song "woke up " a woman and Joe was able to have a conversation with her.  
Fred said that Bob Kress is having his very first gig at Starving Artist in City Island this Friday.  They are the friendliest people there. On 1/19 Gillen&Turk and Marc VonEm will be at the Golden Apple  at 8PM.  The third annual Hootenanny at Peekskill Coffeehouse was great.  He plays there last Friday of the month. On 1/13 he's hosting the Towne Crier's open mic finals.
Rick said this idea of sharing gigs should come at end of meeting.  He said the first Tribes Hill Presents at the Westchester Farmer's Market went well.  If artists need to use Tribes Hill sound gear, they must contact him in advance, not last minute.
Marc is doing a benefit for Oliver Sacks in the city and one for Robert Thurman (Uma's dad).  Also playing at the Crier.  In Katonah they want to take music away from a bar.  He wrote a letter and the Town Board wants him to address them so he will do it in song.
Iris played in Cold Spring, will be doing open mic and Golden apple sound and is enjoying her month off from her day job.

No committee reports.  We need to determine what the committees we have, and need, and post this information on the website.
The monthly meetings were not posted in the calendar, Rick posted them last minute.  

This is a good time to figure out how to go forward.  Rick wants to step down as Executive Director after 8 years but wants to stay on the board.  We need to make a choice as to what direction we want to take. Do we want to get bigger or stay grassroots?  Should we bring someone in and pay them?  Lara suggested (to Rick in a conversation, she was not present) we use incentive compensation.   Everyone needs to put in more effort.  Lots of ideas have been brought to this table with are not followed through. Rick also said that if the "Greatest Hits" grant doesn't happen he will pay for the show at the Tarrytown Music Hall.
Bill thinks paying a director through a grant may not be allowed  and may be a bad idea in general to pay someone.  We should think more about the long term and keep a slower pace.  Susan said if we start having employees, it introduces a myriad of legal and tax responsibilities.  Marc had two questions- what would it be like with less of Rick and what are we doing here?  He thinks the educational component is untapped and we could get grants if we offer classes, etc.  He thinks either Tribes Hill will grow or it will wither. What we need to do is figure out what work needs to be done and what is it that Rick was doing.  He used to send out Newsletters every month and was a contact to the community.  Rick asked why aren't we doing regional distribution?   Fred mentioned that he and Steve used to do a lot but has had to take a step back, a lot of the same people chipped in the past, but who will step up for future endeavors?  We had a lot of shows, but reduced them because it was a lot done by the same few people.  Rick said he's getting a ton of emails. Bill is happy to pitch in with organizing jobs and that emails should be sent to him as previously discussed. The board should take on more.
As for new members Marc said people don't know how to see their way in.  Susan said people want community and that is what we do. Tribes Hill is a brand and people meet under the sign.
Ideas were passed around- Cindy thinks we should rent a field somewhere and have an event.  Iris said she should have it at her place.  Marc said we should have a Tribes Hill radio station.
We have 96 members, someone should look at members who have lapsed and contact them to renew. People mentioned what we do to bring people in- Janice suggested we have testimonials in our web site.  
We decided that the board should have a separate meeting to figure out what are needs are- We chose January 29 at 7PM to meet.

At the Solstice show we made $460 at door, $156 for food, $100 for merch., $15 for membership, and $10 for TH CD.  
Susan wondered how the video came out.  George recorded the sound off the board.  Iris said she would ask Gene.
We should post more videos on youtube and link them to our myspace sites plus the Tribes Hill site. We don't have the ability to post videos directly on the website. There is also a hudsonvalley video site.
We really need to establish a publicity committee. Maybe we should hire someone to do publicity.  
Website:  The wimpy player is up on our site with the comp CD and Carl could upload songs on it, just ask.

We should hear about the Greatest hits grant soon.  Susan submitted an application to the Puffin Foundation for $2000 to create another TH compilation CD.

We should also form a 2008 solstice committee to choose at next meeting.  Bill will start calendar with trigger dates and have ready for February meeting. He motioned to establish a publicity committee, Janice 2nd.  Motion carried.  
Cindy motioned to adjourn, Janice 2nd.  Motion carried.