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Business Meeting Minutes


October 9, 2006 Tribes Hill Monthly Meeting Minutes

Members present:

Carl Knobloch
Bill Wisnowski
Mike Morris
Dennis da Costa
Steve Kirkman
Rick Rock, Director
Janice Rost
Madhumita Chakrabartti, Treasurer
Matt Turk
Fred Gillen Jr.
James Durst, President
Mary Beth Kean, Secretary
Susan Kane, Vice President
John Geller
Marc von Em

•James called the meeting to order and requested a motion to accept minutes from September meeting.
•Susan moved to accept. Janice Seconded. Minutes were accepted unanimously.

Old Business
Venue for Solstice Show
•Chappaqua Library will not work this year.
•Rick suggested the Historical Meeting House in Bedford. Several members are familiar with the space and agreed despite parking issues it would be a good spot.
•Dennis will place a call to the Pastor at St. Johns in Pleasantville where we had our show last year.
•It was agreed that we should follow up with Lisa Wenzel to see if it would be possible to do a joint venture with the Golden Apple Coffeehouse at their new location. It was agreed that the limited capacity (125) should not deter us from investigating this option. We will ask if this capacity restriction is firm.
•Dobbs Ferry church still remains an option.
•Rick suggested it is good to build a portfolio of available venues in general for future events. Lisa Wenzel looked at a lot of venues before she found St Marks for The Golden Apple. Dennis agreed to phone her to ask her for suggestions.
•The best date for the solstice is December 10, then 17, then 3.
•We briefly discussed Opus at The Palisades Mall.

Huntington Folk Festival
•Bill conveyed our apologies as discussed. He composed a letter from Tribes Hill thanking them and extending our support for next year.
•They are having trouble getting a date from the city for next year.

Grant Proposal
•We submitted the grant proposal to NYMF just before the deadline. Details of the proposal are posted on the site.

NERFA update
•Ali and Kathleen agreed to do the food for the room.
•Rick sent the application for the rooms and the table.
•Requests for volunteers are posted on the Bulletin Board on our site. People can sign up on line.
•Fred told the artists performing in the showcase if they were unavailable to volunteer in the exhibit hall they could bake something or volunteer in some other way.
•Showcase performers will pay one price if they are members and another if they are non-members. This fee goes to pay for the table in the exhibit hall and food for the room.
•Tribes Hill will pay the cost to produce a compilation CD for NERFA. Topical songs, which make a social statement, will be selected from the 27 showcase performers.
•Matt suggested we put the CD on the web site as a download. Bill motioned we hand out the compilation CD at NERFA and make it available as a download on the site for an indefinite period of time. Carl seconded. After discussion Bill amended his motion from indefinite to definite period of time to be determined. Members voted: 14 for. 1 against. The motion passed.
•James suggested we call the CD Why We Sing.
•Fred invited artists to submit songs for the compilation. Topical songs with social theme should be sent to Rick who will head the selection committee. He would appreciate help on the committee with graphic design.

Membership Cards
•Steve Kirkman will e-mail James and Rick what he has done so far on Member Cards and Registration Form.

Hard Copy Contact List
•Madhumita is updating this. She was still missing some member information.

New Business
•Rick purchased a fax machine and portfolio materials for the grant submission and stage lights. The total cost for these items was $386.00 Board members present approved the purchases.

My Space
•Fred has been maintaining our My Space page. If you send him an mp3 he will post them to the site in rotation. If you want to post things to the site contact Fred for the codes.

Board Members Affiliations
•Mary Beth asked for all Board Members to give her their affiliations in preparation for writing our own grant proposals. Rick said we should get the Board Members listed on the site.

Calendar for 2006/2007
•James read the dates. It was suggested we consider attending The Strawberry Park Festival. It happens at a high end RV park in Eastern Connecticut in September. They had a great line up this year.
•We need to set the date for our annual meeting and Hammond House concerts.

9:37 Announcements
•Golden Apple Coffeehouse next show is October 21 with Anthony da Costa, Bar Scott, and McMule.

•Joey Valenti passed away. Steve Caplan and his wife are holding a memorial concert 10/14 7:00 Asbury Methodist Church.

•Matt motioned to adjourn. John seconded.