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Business Meeting Minutes


4/2/07 Tribes Hill Meeting Minutes

Members Present:
Rick Rock
Iris Cohen
Susan Kane
Carl Knobloch
Mike Morris
Steve Kirkman
Fred Gillen Jr.
Steve Vernon
Andrew Craig
Bill Wisnowski
Janice Rost
Mary Beth Kean

•Susan opened the meeting and reminded us to be mindful that our minutes are public record.
•Fred motioned to accept minutes. Andy seconded.

Old Business
•Rick updated us on his correspondence with Sol and Rich regarding the festival.
•Tribes Hill will get 125 tickets plus $1000 toward the Music to Library Fund. We can raise additional money by holding a raffle. The tickets can be sold or given away by the artists. Rick suggested using them to promote the show.
•Rick has some ideas about doing the Music to Libraries Fund in phases. He will share these ideas later.
•Tribes Hill will open the Festival with a 45-minute set of Woody Guthrie songs and original songs. Hope Machine will lead the set.
•Rick extended invitations to some regional artists with large draw. Norah Jones responded. She will be in Europe. Rick has not heard from Steve Earle or Nada Surf.
•TH will program the acoustic stage drawing from Tribes Hill talent as well as other regional musicians who have submitted CDs to Sol and the Peak.
•Rick wants to see groups of Tribes Hill artists collaborating on the Acoustic stage to demonstrate the sense of community that we are about.
•The Peak is looking at Guster and Levon Helm as performers. Several other suggestions were The Klesmatics, Susan Mckeweon, Eileen Ivers. Anyone with other ideas should let Rick know.
•TH is donating and running the merchandise tent as we have before.
•To address sound bleed we will have hay bales again and the main stage will be slightly angled away from the acoustic stage.
•Iris suggested keeping the acoustic stage dark while Tribes Hill performs the opening set.
•Rick will send invitations to Tribes Hill artists to see who will be available for the show.

Art In the Park
•Iris spoke with the organizers of Art In The Park and learned that they don't have funding to pay us to run the main stage as we did last year. They have already lined up some volunteer performers. They invited us to return to our spot up on the hill for free as we have done in previous years. We all agreed that we were not interested in this arrangement.

Annual Meeting
•We discussed briefly the members only/members drive aspect of the annual meeting but drew no specific conclusions.
•We discussed promotion. Susan (?) reminded us if we posted on Craig's List we would have to repost each week. We agreed that due to the private nature of our location (Rick's backyard) that we should keep the publicity underground sending out to our list and to member artist lists but not to pursue newspaper press.
•We set the schedule for the day: 1-4 open mic, 4-6 pot luck dinner and business meeting including election of new officers, 6-8 interactive program lead by Hope Machine. Fred and Steve will program this part of the show. 8-? Open song circle.
•We will set up an area on the Bulletin Board for people to post what food they will bring.

•Raising the cost of membership was discussed at the last meeting. Several people expressed concern about this. Rick reminded us people could give more if they wanted to. It was decided the minimum should stay at $15.00

•The festival is August 11.
•Rich Cuccaro has a spot on the main stage. He will choose 6 artists.
•Bill will try to find out who the main acts will be.
•If we don't have main stage presence do we really want to be there seemed to be the consensus?

Solstice Show
•We may need to select an alternate venue.
•Last month we set up a committee to research venues. This committee will set up a spreadsheet of possible venues.
•Many TH artist will be performing at the Paramount Sunday 4/22 in a benefit for Hendrick Hudson High School. This will be an opportunity to see if we could fill such a large venue. We should have Annual meeting flyers at the merch table.
•We briefly discussed additional promotional press for Tribes Hill maybe a flyer with dates of upcoming events.

•Mary Beth asked everyone to communicate comments via the bulletin board over the next two weeks so we can consider them. We will have written changes at the next meeting.

Web site
•Upgrades should happen next week.
•Artists can begin sending mp3's to Mary Beth to put up on the Wimpy Player.

Contact List
•Carl asked about getting contact information for everyone. We briefly discussed how to disseminate such a list and who should be on it.
•Mary Beth will prepare a contact list with officers, board members, and people who show up at the meetings (Janice and Andy specifically).

Piggy Bank
•Susan reminded everyone to contribute money to the Piggy Bank for our meal.

New Business
Nominate Pete
•Janice shared with us a petition to the American Friends (Quakers) to nominate Pete for a Nobel Peace Prize.
•To sign the petition go to
•Fred will see if we can sign as a group.
•We will put a link from the site.

•Iris asked what our involvement would be.

Falcon Ridge
•We will be setting up our campsite as usual.
•Fred will not be there until the last day.
•Bill will be going down early to set up "My Dad's Truck" he can help set up the Tribes Hill camp.

Golden Apple Coffee House 4/21
Roots Music Coffee House 4/14
Sheep to Shawl at Phillipsburg Manor 4/21, 22
Paramount Benefit 4/22

Iris motioned to adjourn. Andy seconded. Meeting adjourned.