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Business Meeting Minutes


Members Present:
Mary Beth Kean
Ruth Post
Susan Kane
Carl Knobloch
Jeff Toujeau
Bill Wisnowski
Fred Gillen Jr.
Steve Kirkman
Iris Cohen
Madhumita Chakrabartti
James Durst
Mike Morris
Janice Rost
Rick Rock
Scott Urgola

•James opened the meeting.
•Iris motioned to accept the minutes from 5/4/07. Susan seconded. Minutes were accepted by unanimous vote.
•James thanked everyone who stepped in to pick up the slack in his absence. He especially extended his thanks to Susan for filling in for him and running the meetings.

•James Trouzeau introduced himself. He is a neighbor of Ruth's. His website is

Old Business
•James showed our new brochure to everyone. We have ordered 1000 and will have them for the annual meeting. He suggested members take a few to share.
•Bill volunteered to make some plexiglass holders. Iris suggested purchasing them. Bill and Iris will work this out in advance of the annual meeting.

•The general membership will vote at The Annual Meeting on whether or not to accept the proposed changes to the by-laws.
•It was suggested someone look at the Name and Purpose of our current by-laws and make recommendations for changes to be considered next year at our annual meeting.

•Madhumita prepared a template for the budget with revenue and expense. She asked members present to review the items listed and briefly discuss appropriate amounts as well as any additions that should be made. The following items/amounts were discussed and/or suggested:
-A new members estimate will be based on last year membership which was 66 dues paying members plus a projection for new members of 5-10%. Susan suggested there would be no disadvantage to setting a higher goal. We briefly discussed this and agreed on 100%.
•Contributions to Library Fund: $1000 from Pleasantville Music Festival and additional corporate sponsorship sought throughout the year.
•Budget should include Grants to Artists.
•Cost to do a second Tribes Hill compilation should be projected.
•Our revenue from the sales of our current compilation was about $60.
•Revenue from Solstice show ticket sales was about $800.
•We should project revenue from venues as part of our idea to put on "Tribes Hill Presents" (split 3 artists   Tribes Hill and 10% to the artist who books the gig)
•Last year we had $135 revenue from raffle. (Janice volunteered to ask Ann Saunders for a Falcon Ridge Folk Festival ticket to raffle off at our Annual Meeting)
•Facility Rental should include the port o potty for events in the backyard.
•Sound Technicians
•CD Production, past year the CD's we produced for Nerfa cost $250.
•Printing, past year the cost of printing brochures was $250. It was suggested we budget $750 for the coming year.
•Postage $50.
•Equipment $250.
•Conference costs, repeat from last year.
•Food/Hospitality including food cost for the meetings $250.
•Capital Improvements ie fixing the stage.
•Advertising $200. This should include something in the Nerfa catalogue for the solstice and an add with Acoustic Live. (Fred will talk to Rich about the cost of an add for a full year.)
•Corporate Sponsorship

Annual Meeting
•We reviewed and discussed election protocol following our current by-laws for The Annual Meeting.
•It was agreed that everyone present at the annual meeting would be allowed to vote as current members on the by-law changes and new board members.
•Ruth motioned we create a list of people who want to be on the board. Bill seconded this motion. All agreed.
The following people indicated their interest in remaining on the board and added their names to the list:
James, Madhumita, Iris, Steve, Mike, Bill, Carl, Susan, Ruth, Mary Beth, Fred,  Janice, Jeff.
•Ruth proposed we accept this list to which other names may be added at the Annual Meeting. We will recommend this list to the Members. Fred seconded. All agreed.
•James shared with the group that he would not be seeking a second term as president. He asked if there was anyone interested in filling this position. Susan Kane our current Vice President volunteered. Both Madhumita, Treasurer and Mary Beth, Secretary expressed interest in retaining their current positions. Bill Wisnowski expressed interest in taking on the position of Vice President.

New Business
•Committees should be discussed at the July meeting.
•We have additional emails we can utilize through our website. What should these be and who would be willing to take on responsibility for answering e-mails. This is an item to discuss in July.
•We will have $1000 from the Pleasantville Music Festival for our Music to Libraries fund. What should we do with this money. It was suggested (earlier in the meeting) this money be invested while we formulate a specific plan and procure additional funding.

Annual Meeting Logistics
•Rick, Fred, and Steve will work on the stage on Wednesday.
•Friday evening from 5:00-8:00 will be set-up at the house.
•We reviewed volunteers for the membership table. Ruth volunteered to help later in the day.
•Leif volunteered to make signs
•Iris volunteered to make signs for recyclables
•Madhumita will get membership tags.
•Carl and Mary Beth volunteered for kitchen duty.
•Bill and Fred will host the open Mic. (each artist will get 2 songs)
•All should arrive at 10:00 on Saturday for general set-up.

•Work o the Weavers new CD is #9 on the Folk DJ list. The single My Peace is #17.

•Susan asked about the 6:00-8:00 portion of the Annual Meeting show. Fred and Steve are arranging/organizing this. Susan commented that having a House Band for the Golden Apple 60's-70's show was a good idea and something we could consider for The Annual Meeting and Pleasantville.

9:40 Carl motioned to adjourn the meeting. Steve seconded. All agreed.