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Business Meeting Minutes


2/4/08 Minutes

Members Present
Ruth Post
Janice Rost
Bill Wisnowski
Joe Cromwell
Rick Rock
Susan Kane
Steve Kirkman
Barb Prisament
James Durst
Madhumita Chakrabartti
Carl Knobloch
Alisa Amor
Mike Morris
Mary Beth Kean

•Susan called the meeting to order. We read our mission statement, vision, and goals.
•James motioned to accept minutes, Ruth seconded. Motion carried.
•James motioned to accept minutes from the special board meeting, Joe seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report
•We have a balance of about $2,000. $1,000 of this belongs to the Music to Libraries Fund. We are not bound by any written (or otherwise) agreement with Pleasantville to use this money for the Music to Libraries fund. It was suggested we keep this money available for venue deposits we may have to pay soon.

Puffin Grant
•Susan sent an application in for a grant ($2,000) to do another compilation cd. Grants will be awarded in May.

Tribes Hill Presents
Ruth agreed to draw up some guidelines regarding TH Presents to post on the website.

Mission Statement Revision Committee
•Janice is the head of this committee. Elza, Matt, and Rick are also on the committee.

Sharing gigs at meetings
•Bill motioned to share upcoming gigs during dinner. Carl seconded. Motion carried.

Westchester's Greatest Hits
•We received our first grant of $1,500 from the Westchester Arts Council. We asked for $5,000. Rick volunteered to be the planning committee chair. Bill motioned that Rick share the committee chair with a co-chair. Mary Beth seconded. Motion carried.

Joe's Organizational Structure
•Joe reminded us the most important thing we can do is to engage our community.
•The Director has final responsibility and word.
•President does oversight and screens for the director.
•Project Manager is the next most important position. Vice President should handle this responsibility.
•Communications Director should be Secretary and Finance Director should be Treasurer.
•Directors oversee people who have volunteered to complete tasks for their committee.

Annual Meeting Date
•James motioned the annual meeting be held on Saturday June 14 and that we end the evening hosting the Roots Music Coffeehouse who has already scheduled Joe Crookston and Glass of Water for that date. Ruth seconded. Motion carried.
•Carl volunteered to coordinate the event. Ruth and Madhumita volunteered to help.

Solstice Show
•no one volunteered to coordinate this event.

•Carl volunteered to coordinate this event and take on the role of host for the showcase room.
Nerfa Cd
•We will ask Fred to take on this responsibility.

Falcon Ridge
•No one volunteered to coordinate this event.

•Bill asked if we were interested in participating in the Circle of Song at Clearwater. He is connected to this event and volunteered to coordinate our involvement.

Mary Beth motioned to adjourn. Joe seconded. Meeting adjourned