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Business Meeting Minutes


8:00 Susan called the meeting to order and thanked Cindy and Joe for dinner. Susan read mission vision and goals.

Ruth motioned to accept minutes. Cindy seconded. Minutes accepted by vote.

Madhumita gave Treasurer's report.
•We have $2083.00 in the bank. Some of this is part of our Music to Libraries fund.

Susan presented new business proposing we hold business meetings 4 times a year and reserve the other 8 meetings for dinner and music only.

Motion to adapt our monthly meetings to song circle, meals and committee work and have board meetings only 4 times a year with formal minutes. These meetings would be in June, September, December, and March.

We do not need to be concerned about conflict with by laws.
June, Sept, Dec, and March as possibilities.
•Concern that we will fall into only the activities we are doing now without ongoing meetings.
•Where is the committee for the library grant.
•Want to see more committee work.
•Votes could be taken via e-mail or acted on via e-mail.
•New agenda items presented to Rick or Susan and if merited they can bring it to the meeting.
•Need to encourage an environment of volunteerism. Business meetings don't really contribute to the community of Tribes Hill. The music, the sharing of the meal contribute to our sense of community.
•Separate the function of the board from the minutia of project planning.
•Ruth called the question
•one vote against.
•Motion carried

NERFA Report
•We are setting up in the exhibit hall (Susan Lang needs volunteers) and doing guerilla showcases.
•You can put your stuff on the table for $10 if you aren't coming to NERFA.
Carl is taking on the room. Susan is hosting showcase Friday night, Leif is hosting showcase Saturday night.
•Refreshments: Tribes Hill will supply paper goods and bottled water.
•11:45-2:30 showcases. (This is 11 spots.)
•No showcases scheduled yet.
•Promotional material suggesting we add a page listing the things we have done since last year. Also include itinerary of where our members are showcasing over the weekend.

•Some Tribes Hill members will be in showcases on Thursday night so perhaps include this information.
•Check website for people who have posted on the site that they are coming.
•Cds are not being sold at NERFA
•Schedule of performing TH artists should be a separate paper.
•Joe applauded our behavior up to this point.
•If anyone has any more questions please ask after the meeting.

Westchester's Greatest Hits
•Letter for ad solicitation sent to hundred's of people with almost no response. We should ask the artists to step up and get ads.
•Sent to Falcon Ridge advertisers, Clearwater advertisers plus others. The letter and the form are online. Deadline September 15.
•Need follow up on letters sent.
•Set up phone volunteers to make calls.
•Try to sell ads to people you know.
•Advertising needs to have specific goals.
•We would like to have 20 pages of ads for the program including each artist from the show.
•All the proceeds from the show are going to the artist. We are only profitting from the program.
•Please direct any more comments to committee leaders after the meeting.
•Applauded Mike Kornfeld for his PR work.
•Members visited various artist pages and found barely a mention of the show. Information about the show can be found on the site.
•We need artist bios for the program.
•Email and tell the artist's directly to get the information on their site and sell ads.
•Following the meeting please see Rick for posters to hang.
•Set rehearsal times. This has not been done yet. Solstice run through here last year went well. Time should be discussed after the meeting.
•Anthony da Costa and Gandalph Murphy have good examples of content for the web.
•Mike will email news release that went out and he will send it to secretary for posting on the bulletin board.
•Let Rick or Mike know if you see mention in any community outlets so we know who is picking up on the press release.
•Set list will be in the program.

Solstice Show has been established. We still need submissions.

9:00 Ruth motioned to adjourn. Carl seconded. Meeting adjourned by unanimous vote.

updated: 14 years ago