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Sloan Wainwright and Honor Finnegan!!

Sloan Wainwright and Honor Finnegan

Saturday, November 17, 2012   7PM
Yonkers, New York
Sloan Wainwright and Honor Finnegan
Urban H2O at Beczak
35 Alexander Street
Yonkers, New York

Includes FREE beer from our sponsor—Hudson Valley’s award-winning Captain Lawrence Brewing Company—bring your own mug!

“…earth mother voice that she pours unexpectedly sensitive blends of folk, jazz, blues and funk.” The New York Times

Defying standard categorization, singer/songwriter Sloan Wainwright consistently demonstrates her easy command of a variety of American musical styles — pop, folk, jazz and blues — held together by the melodious tone of her rich contralto. With the end result being a unique and soulful hybrid.
“She’s folk influenced, obviously (you can’t grow up in the First Family of Folk and not be, one imagines), but the real star here is her voice. Warm and smoky and smooth, it makes her earthy, ominous lyrics seem all the more intense.”

updated: 9 years ago