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NEW SCHEDULE - Join Rick Rock (student and attendee)  and Steve Scholle at the Tribes Hill Lyric and Songwriting Workshop Series

NEW SCHEDULE  Join Rick Rock student and attendee nbspand Steve Scholle at the Tribes Hill Lyric and Songwriting Workshop Series

Lyric and Songwriting Workshop Series

Presented by

The Tribes Hill Music Community

Have you ever wanted to write songs or improve your songwriting ability?

Tribes Hill is proud to announce its second Songwriting Workshop series for the New York metro and lower Hudson Valley areas.  If you already have some basic song-playing skills this series is an opportunity to:

·        Build confidence to express yourself in a supportive environment

·        Develop songcraft and explore lyric voices

·        Access places inside where songs come from

Here’s what participants in our first workshop series last spring had to say:

"This was a wonderful series. Your hospitality, encouragement and enthusiasm was really appreciated."

"Loved it.  Each instructor brought something different and complimented each others' classes. Introduced to some great songwriters.  Sharing and feedback was great".

"The best parts?  Meeting and listening to the other participants. They were as encouraging as the teachers. What teachings stood out?  They were all different, which made a total whole".

"It was a positive, creative space with a good, open vibe.  Having it at Steve's house was beautiful and generous of him.  What stood out? Chord progressions, accessing creativity, the studio is a place of discovery".

"I truly enjoyed the sessions. I felt very comfortable sharing my songs and I appreciated all the feedback. I would definitely sign up for others in the future. I absolutely loved hearing the songwriters play their songs.  It gave me a better understanding of how they write their music.  I loved doing the free writing and attempting to write a song in a short period of time".

The Details:

9 sessions meeting Sundays from 3 to 5:30 in Hartsdale, NY, with a concluding performance for family and friends.

Oct 5, 13, 19:  Three weeks focused on lyric writing with veteran teacher and songwriter Ina May Wool (

October 26 through December 7:  Sessions with our special guest teaching artists:

Matt Turk (

KJ Denhert (

Lara Herscovitch (

Elaine Romanelli (

and Joe Crookston (


Full series: 9 sessions and a concluding performance: $295

Can't pay in full? Make 2 payments of $150 each.

Or you can break it up this way:

3 lyric-writing sessions: $105

6 guest-teacher sessions plus performance: $210.

Series location: Hartsdale, NY.

Times and Dates: Sundays, 3 to 5:30 PM, from October 5 to December 7.

Preparatory Classes:

We will also offer preparatory classes, a music 101, for those who want to learn beginning song theory with keyboard and/or guitar. These classes will run prior to and during the early weeks of the Series. They will run according to need.  Cost is separate.  For more information on these classes email Steve at


Can I just take the lyric-writing section, and if so, do I need to know how to play an instrument?

Yes, you can just take either section, and if you’re taking the lyric-writing section only, then you don’t need to know how to play an instrument.

For the songwriting section with the guest artists we do recommend that you can play some songs on an instrument.  We offer Preparatory Classes to get some basic chord progressions under your fingers.

Do I need to know how to sing on pitch?

No, but we can help you with that. That way you'll be able to express your musical ideas better.

What if I can only make part of the series or section?

We will have a limit on class size, so you will be responsible for the series or section fees.  We can discuss special situations and, depending on enrollment, make room for individual class attendance.

Class size?

8 maximum full-timers, in order to give each participant attention.

Age limits?

17 and up.

About Tribes Hill:

We are a collaborative non-profit community of musicians and music lovers centered in the lower Hudson Valley.  Since 2002 we have presented concert performances, monthly gatherings, song circles, benefits and fundraisers.  Please visit us at

To register and for questions, email Steve at and write "songwriting" in the header.

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