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Remembering Bill Wisnowski

Remembering Bill Wisnowski
There are no words that describe how grateful I am that we have raised these funds together for my much-loved Stepmother, Lyn, and "Uncle" CJ. My dad believed in community, he believed in people helping people. He and I spoke on Friday night about artwork for his upcoming... you guessed it... Facebook live Sip N Sup. It was going to be a fundraiser for the Irish Club. He found so many friends there that enjoyed music and celebrating as much as he did, he wanted to give back. He always had a new idea of how to bring people together, even a pandemic didn't stop him. (If you are ever missing him, head over to Uncle Bill Whiskey and tune into his various Sip N Sups)

He would sign off on an evening of entertaining people (well past the time he was supposed to have stopped playing) by saying "Just remember.... be good to each other". You all have come together and have been so good to my dad and our family. I will be forever grateful that you have thought of us, amidst the crazy times, and have sent him off with the best tip jar of his life.

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. All this love will help put the pieces back together again.

Bonnie Wisnowski, Organizer

updated: 1 year ago