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Call for Members!


As founder and Director of Tribes Hill, I often get emails asking me how to become a member. My answer over the last few years has usually been that you are already a member of this community if you have found us and all you need to do is show up. All-welcoming and inclusive--like the idea that you're a citizen of the Earth. However this philosophical view did little to bring new people to meetings and distribute the growing work load that has been carried by only a few.

As a group we have recently changed our strategy and now encourage members to contribute annual dues. As a member of Tribes Hill you will also be a member of Folk Alliance, our parent organization. Though your membership in Tribes Hill will allow you to attend such events as NERFA and the annual Folk Alliance convention, it will not give you individual voting rights in Folk Alliance. I encourage those who are dedicated and can afford it to become a Folk Alliance member as well.

The cost of becoming a member of Tribes Hill is only $15/year for Artists and Emerging Patrons, $25/year for Families and $100/year or more for Supporting Artists and Patrons. Individual membership in Folk Alliance begins at $70 annually. Tribes Hill will also award honorary memberships to those who demonstrate a commitment to the mission and ideals of our music community.

About the North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance: Since 1989, Folk Alliance has served as the headquarters for Folk Music and Dance. With over 2000 members worldwide and an annual conference that is one of the five largest music conferences in North America, Folk Alliance continues to grow and mature while providing a unique range of member services to our community.

About Tribes Hill: Tribes Hill is a nonprofit organization uniting musicians of the lower Hudson Valley region and their patrons in support of a music community that aspires to common goals and beliefs. It is a conceptual gathering place for people of all races, politics and faiths coming together to explore and celebrate the human experience through song.

The vision of Tribes Hill: We believe that music is an affirmation of the spirit and is capable of transcending the human condition. We also believe that we must learn to coexist on this planet and that music, as a profound language, has the ability to unite people in a common experience, as well as help us better understand our differences. We see our organization as being a unique channel for music and its appreciation.

As a member of Tribes Hill you are invited to attend monthly meetings and join committees. If you are an artist you might wish to join us at NERFA, Folk Alliance or our camps at Falcon Ridge or NewSong. As an artist you are welcome to submit regional gig listings to our calendar. Membership in Tribes Hill will also give you free admission to Tribes Hill events at Hammond House.

Please send your check/MO (payable to Tribes Hill) to: Tribes Hill, Hammond House, 111 Grasslands Rd., Valhalla, NY 10595. Please include your name, address, email and phone # along with a short introduction of yourself.

Please join us!

Rick Rock, Director
Tribes Hill / Kindred Folk

updated: 15 years ago