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Tribes Hill Annual Meeting Cancelled


I regret that the June 24th Tribes Hill Annual Meeting has been cancelled. Neither Fred or James were going to be able to make it and it was unclear if enough board members would be present in order to put things forward.

James Durst is interested in taking Fred's place as President. He welcomes others to consider the position.

Those Officers and Board Members who wish to either stay on or step down should contact me before we reschedule the Annual Meeting.

It would be easiest to schedule the meeting on either the evening of Monday, July 10th or Monday, August 7th. Potluck, campfire and a song circle.

My vote would be August 7th OR I would consider rescheduling a weekend event if  we could get everyone on board.

Those interested in becoming an officer of Tribes Hill contact me.


2005 Officers and Board Members


President: Fred Gillen, Jr.

Vice President: Kathleen Pemble

Secretary: Iris Cohen

Treasurer: Madhumita Chakrabartti

Director: Rick Rock

Board Members-

Amanda Bock, Cadence Carroll, Montgomery Delaney, James Durst, Todd Giudice,

Susan Kane, Steve Kirkman, Ruth Post, Katherine Pritchard (?), Dan Scannell,

Matt Turk


Legal: Chair- Montgomery Delaney, Ruth Post

Tech(sound & lights): Chair- Todd Giudice, Iris Cohen, Steve Kirkman,

Cadence Carroll

Product Production: Chair- James Durst

Merchandise Sales: Chair- Amanda Bock, Madhumita Chakrabartti

Fundraising & Finance Development: Chair- Susan Kane, Madhumita

Chakrabartti, Lara Herscovitch

Concert Production: Chair- Kathleen Pemble, Montgomery Delaney, Iris Cohen,

Todd Giudice

Archives: Chair- Steve Kirkman, Amanda Bock, Matt Turk

Volunteer Coordinator: Chair- Matt Turk

Website: Chair- Amanda Bock, Steve Kirkman

PR: Katherine Pritchard, Fred Gillen, Jr.

Festival: Chair, Fred Gillen, Jr.

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