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My New York City - Mike & Ruthy

I am riding on this west end train this grey and rainy day
I'm looking out my window at a sight so fair to see
I've walked and rode in rain and sun through Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens
Seen a billion, jillion faces that are New York town to me

[:: CHORUS ::]
Ride my subway train from here to heaven
Ride my ferry boat up my muddy river
Walk our beach sand and our blades of green grass
My New York City is the town where I found you

I can see our black roof houses shining yonder in the rain
I can see our concrete highway running yonder in the sun
And I see your face there shining where the kids play in the streets
And a billion, jillion windows that are New York town to me

[:: CHORUS ::]

No matter where this train rolls I look out my window glass
Your eyes shine in my tree leaves and my buildings that I pass
I'd give my fame and fortune up to hold your hand today
And go a billion jillion places that are New York town to me

[:: CHORUS ::]


from the NYC EP, words and music by Woody Guthrie, additional music by Michael Merenda & Ruth Ungar

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updated: 9 years ago