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Karen Hudson River Trio

Karen Hudson River Trio
A veteran of the NYC Americana and country scene, Singer-songwriter Karen Hudson has been compared to Rosanne Cash by The Village Voice and to early Linda Ronstadt by 3rd Coast Music Magazine in Austin, Texas. She has opened for Madeliene Peyroux, Walter Salas Humara and Pete Seeger. This is Americana for people who keep The Byrds and The Beatles next to Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline.

“She’s an elegant tunesmith, evocative lyricist...a subtly nuanced singer. Some of her songs were funny, like "Nicotine", her irresistibly amusing ode to the death-defying lure of tobacco. Others, like "I Thought I'd Die", with its litany of near-misses, had the matter-of-fact resoluteness that runs through much of her songwriting," — New York Music Daily

"Hudson has been compared to many other women singers, but the name that resonates with me is Linda Ronstadt, with the proviso that we’re talking pre-Peter Asher, albums like Silk Purse, which Lester Bangs found to be “brimming with passion and vulnerability, tremulous, yet possessed of a core of absolute strength,” words that can easily be applied to Hudson. An important difference is that Hudson writes her own songs . . .  Mama Was A Train Wreck (“Daddy was a train”) is a standout in a consistently strong set." —3rd Coast Music, Austin, TX.