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Call For Song Submissions For Tribes Hill Songbook

A Call For Song Submissions For Tribes Hill Songbook:

Hi all Kindred Folk. A few months back at the monthly meeting we  discussed the idea of a Tribes Hill songbook. Our songbook will be a book and hopefully a companion CD of songs by Tribes Hill artists. If we want our songs to become "folk songs" and be sung by people besides their authors, we've got to sing each other's songs and circulate our songs among the community not as performances but as material that singers and musicians from a variety of communities can include in their repertoire. The songbook could be distributed at Libraries and schools, sold at festivals at book and music stores, and sold at Tribes Hill shows. To this end the first "Tribes Hill Songbook Show" has been set up by Matt Turk for next May at Westhester Arts Council's space in White Plains. This show could grow into a series of shows where we cover each other's songs to promote the songbook. The first step towards actually making this idea a reality is to get the songs in our
hands and see what we've got. Once we have the material we can begin the real work of writing out the music, designing the book and CD art, and getting this thing produced. We are asking for song submissions. If you know the book "Rise Up Singing," we think this is a good model to follow. This songbook will not be specifically topical, nor will it be restricted to one particular musical style. What it will be is a book of the kinds of songs that people, universally, might hear and hook onto and want to sing. What makes a song singable by someone other then its composer? That is the question to ask yourself when submitting. My guess is that the songs should be  simple, although that isn't necessarily a criteria. Once we get all of the songs picked out we'll figure out about publishing and legal stuff and deal with that. Please feel free to submit as many as three songs. Remember that Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" was never on the radio but we all know it because it was
in a children's songbook which circulated through schools! MP3's and lyrics can be emailed to with "Tribes Hill Songbook" as the subject of the email.  We've set a deadline of December 15 for submissions.  Thanks.