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If you believe... clap your hands...

If you believe... clap your hands...
Dear Tribes Hill Kindred Folk,

As I write this appeal to our members to support Tribes Hill, I am reminded of a scene from J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan, in which Tink drinks Peter's "medicine" in order to prevent him from being tricked and poisoned by Captain Hook. As she lies weak and dying she tells him that she believes she would be spared death if more children believed in fairies. Without hesitation, Peter makes the following plea to the children of the world:

"If you believe," he shouted to them, "clap your hands; don't let Tink die."

In less than two weeks Tribes Hill will present a benefit concert for a brother in need. Although we are not a physical community that could respond to a fire with buckets of water, our virtual community has the internet to assist our needs and to appeal for help. I ask you to please buy your tickets now and join us on June 3 for the world premiere of Midnight Garden, a contemporary song cycle written and performed by Rob Morsberger and Crash Test Dummies' Brad Roberts.

What began as a simple affirmation to join us on the stage as part of our benefit turned in to a compassionate undertaking by our featured guest, who shared lyrics to over a dozen songs, which his friend, Rob Morsberger, put to music composed for piano and strings. I've had the privilege of watching this project develop over the last few months. Brad's exquisite lyrics and profound narratives are paired skillfully with Rob's amazing musical compositions. Midnight Garden is a masterpiece that delights the imagination and informs the soul.

We are bringing a number of our artists together to perform and entertain under the Music Hall marquee during the day. Kayln Rock, The Levins, Scott Urgola, Rhonda Schuster, Wool and Grant, and Curtis & the Dilettantes have all contributed their talents without fees and are all volunteering to assist in the production of the evening Benefit for our friend, Rob Morsberger, who last Fall was diagnosed with a grade 4 gioblastoma tumor, a malignant brain cancer.

It is my hope that this community can support and promote this creative endeavor. This concert at the Music Hall is costing us thousands of dollars to produce. If we fail at this it will be a powerful blow against Tribes Hill and to our community, not to mention a financial failure as a benefit for Rob. Are we indeed, as our mission statement reads, a music community that aspires to common goals and beliefs? As our President, Matt Turk, has been known to say, put the u in to community.

"If you believe..."

Buy tickets and get the word out. Share our Youtube preview with your friends. Hang posters or use the internet to invite your friends from the Tribes Hill event page. All of the links and information needed to support this event can be found on the Tribes Hill homepage.

Whatever might be done to promote the much needed sale of tickets is greatly appreciated. As of this writing, 722 seats need to be filled. I believe the tickets are priced reasonably from $20 to $65, especially for a world premiere and benefit. Although it wasn't necessary, I bought four $65 tickets myself because I strongly believe in this benefit and the importance of this show to Tribes Hill. If there are some among you who can't afford the tickets, I can offer volunteers comps. Sweat equity has great value in Tribes Hill. Or ask me for a special Tribes Hill discount. If you can't make the event but can afford a donation to our cause... money is greatly appreciated as well.

"If you believe... clap your hands..."

Support regional music. Support Tribes Hill.

Rick Rock, Founder
Tribes Hill Kindred Folk