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Business Meeting Minutes


Members Present:
Mary Beth Kean
Ruth Post
Janice Rost
John Geller
Bill Wisnowski
Susan Kane
Matt Turk
James Durst
Madhumita Chakrabartti
Mark Miller
Beth Kaufman
Pete Tamburrini
Iris Cohen
Fred Gillen Jr.
Fiona Galloway (visitor)
Susan Lang
Mike Morris
Barb Prisament
Andrew Craig
Steve Kirkman
Phil Dollard
Rick Rock

8:30 Susan opened the meeting. James moved to accept minutes. John seconded. All voted. Motion carried.
•Read Mission, Vision, and Goals. Thanked Iris and Pete for dinner.

Treasurer's Report/Membership Update
•We have 60 paid members. We collected about $1000 in dues. We should send a notice to those delinquent in their dues. Will report on the expenses from the annual meeting at next meeting.

•We will extend membership benefits to Platinum donors in the WGH program.
•We need to create a history of budgets for past projects so we have info to use to create project budget projections for future projects.
•Project Managers should be responsible for event planning, creating a budget, and reporting on outcome of the event in writing. These reports could be filed centrally for reference.
•Matt agreed to send Bill an example form.
•Madhumita should have help to manage these project reports.

Fiona Galloway, representing a Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown planning committee for the Hudson Fulton Quad, visited us to talk about a commission for a piece of music they are hoping to fund through an Arts Alive grant. The piece would celebrate the Hudson River and how are relationship with the river has evolved over time. It should be music the school band could play. Their deadline for submitting the grant is in September. The budget for commissioning the music has not been established.

•James expressed interest in participating.
•Rick suggested we use "Opportunities for Artist's" on the site.
•Matt suggested we do a collective composition by Tribes Hill with proceeds to Tribes Hill.
•All they need from participants are credentials verifying their capability to accomplish the project. Hudson Fulton Quad will write project description.

WGH Report
•The program has been decided but we do not know what the featured artist's are performing.
•Mike Kornfeld has volunteered to PR for the show. Fred will give Rick the Press list he has to pass along to Mike.
•Ruth asked everyone to send her addresses of businesses, venues or other where she can send letter regarding advertising in our program. The costs have not been established yet. Once final the letter will be posted on the web site.

•The door proceeds go to the musicians. The program proceeds go to Tribes Hill. This may be included in an email to members.
•It may be helpful to include in the letter what we need to cover costs, what is our goal as a community.
•We should also count on merchandise sold at the show.
•Tarrytown has listed our show and has begun selling tickets.
•Matt will prepare email content for program event and send it to Rick and me.

•Poster is in the works.
•Bob Sherman will emcee.
•James has sent an email to WFUV for support but has not had any reply. It was suggested he send the request to John Platt.
•We have some complimentary seats for press, musicians, and guests. If you have suggestions for the list please send names to committee, Rick, Ruth, James, Iris.

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Report
•The "formal showcases" put together by The Acoustic Music Scene dismayed some members.
•Past meeting minutes reflect after no one volunteered to help with the camp we would do a co-host with Acoustic Music Scene.
•Some members felt details were not communicated.
•Mike Kornfeld was in communication with Rick about what they (Acoustic Music Scene) would do. It was also posted on the site in advance. Rick gave them a lot of room. He was grateful for their help and participation.

NERFA Report
•Bill is the project leader. He did not go into detail but expressed willingness to share his plans with anyone interested.

Email/Communications Report

•We should send out monthly email with a few short sentences and links to additional information.
•Bill wants to be able to manage emails in a different way than our site works. Matt suggested Survey Monkey. Bill will check into this for his own use.
•A motion was put forth to send a monthly email blast with content submitted to secretary by second Monday after meeting for inclusion. I have no notes further regarding this motion.

Hudson Fulton Quad
•James does not want to be part of a committee collaborative composition. He wants to participate as an individual composer.
•Matt would like to see a collaborative effort with the proceeds benefiting Tribes Hill.
•A motion was put forth to post the Hudson Fulton Quad opportunity on the bulletin board and to encourage collaboration. Ruth seconded. The motion was carried by vote with no discussion.
•Susan K will send the information to the secretary.

Tribes Hill Songbook Report
•May 2, 2009 is the date. There are 150 seats not 100 as previously stated. Each ticket will sell for $15.
•A call for artist submissions will be included in the email blast.

Other Business
•Ruth put forth a motion proposing music at 6:00, dinner at 7:00 and meeting at 7:30. Iris seconded. A vote was called after discussion. 7 yes, 1 no, all other members abstained from the vote.

•Matt made a motion to adjourn. Bill seconded. Meeting was adjourned by acclamation.