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Business Meeting Minutes


Members Present:

Mary Beth Kean
Ruth Post
Susan Kane
Bill Wisnowski
Mike Morris
Joe Cromwell
Janice Rost
Rick Rock
Madhumita Chakrabartti
James Durst
Iris Cohen
Pete Tamburrini
Carl Knobloch
Andrew Craig
John Geller
Barb Prisament
Robin Halpin
Judy Kass
Cindy Cromwell

•Susan called the meeting to order. James motioned to accept minutes form 5/5/08. Madhumita requested clarification on point regarding web content for the "Westchester's Greatest Hits". Iris noted mis-spelling in Pete Tamburrini's name. Iris seconded motion. All accepted minutes by vote.
•Passed the sign-up sheet for meal preparation.

Treasurer's Report
•Madhumita finally gained online access to our bank statements.
•We have a balance of $1942.47. $1000 of this belongs to the Music to Libraries fund and $750 of this belongs to the Compilation CD fund from the Puffin Grant. Rick is holding a $95 reimbursement check for tent parts. This leaves very little to cover advance expenses for the Annual Meeting. It was suggested members renew their dues at the meeting or as soon as possible so we have funds for Annual Meeting expenses.

River Festivals Update
•Bill has been discussing with Clearwater organizers ways we can rekindle our relationship with this festival for next year. One idea was Tribes Hill musicians performing as a group. Bill suggested a Tribes Hill Songbook. Rick reminded everyone of an earlier idea to put on a show at the Westchester Council for the Arts where Tribes Hill artists cover each other songs. It was also noted Matt had previously presented the idea of a Tribes Hill Songbook. It was decided a committee should be formed to explore these ideas and that this should be placed on the agenda for our July meeting.

Compilation CD
•Because we received less money than we asked for Susan revised the original proposal she presented to the Puffin Foundation. She suggested if we do 1000 eco pack wallet cds the cost would be about $1640. We can make up the difference between what we have and what we need by putting 20 tracks on the cd and asking each artist to contribute $50. Rick suggested this contribution would be a pre-buy; each artist receiving copies of the compilation cd to distribute as they wish.
•We discussed putting the cd on CD-Baby and agreed this was a good idea.
•We discussed a theme for the cd, perhaps the Tribes Hill Songbook where artists would cover other Tribes Hill musicians' songs.

Annual Meeting
•We discussed whether we should have a flier for the Annual Meeting at the Golden Apple Coffeehouse this Saturday. Mary Beth volunteered to make a ¼ page schedule that could be handed out. Rick will help.
•Janice asked if she could invite Karina and Bjorn from Tarrytown Music Hall (our venue for Solstice and Westchester's Greatest Hits) to come as guests. it was agreed they would be placed on "Rick's guest list".
•Cindy asked if there could be a place on the web site to donate to Tribes Hill or become a member or renew membership. Mary Beth will set this up before the annual meeting.
•Carl reiterated volunteers should arrive at 10am. We will provide coffee and donuts.
•We have 2 small tents and one big tent. Bill will bring 2 10x10 tents.
•Ruth still needs someone to grill at the meeting. It was suggested if she does not have a volunteer before the meeting we could ask for a volunteer at the meeting. We need ice and ice chests.
•Madhumita has enough volunteers to cover Membership and Merchandise. She will get name tags members will receive as the pay their dues.
•Ruth will bring raffle tickets. We will raffle off a pair of Falcon Ridge weekend passes and 3 cd's(Joe Crookston, Glass of Water, and a Tribes Hill compilation cd)
•The prize for the Mug contest will be half the proceeds from selling the $2 cups.
•Compensation for the performing artists will be discussed after the meeting by the committee.

Westchester's Greatest Hits
•Many members present expressed confusion about the criteria for acceptable submissions. It was agreed another email would be sent pointing members to the website where clarification in the form of an addendum to the original content would be posted.
•Rick shared that Gandalf is thinking of doing a historic medley.
•Ruth gave a working outline for volunteers:
I) Pre-production: Poster, Program (will include opportunities for artists to advertise upcoming gigs), PR (Radio and Print), Artist Coordination, Set Design, Equipment, Merchandise
II) Production: Merchandise, Sound Coordination with Tarrytown, Ushers (Janice has agreed to handle this), Video Team, Hospitality Backstage (Cindy has agreed to handle this), Stage Manager
III) Post-production: Paying artists, Grant reporting, Video editing

•John Platt is not available for the new date. The committee intends to approach Bob Sherman. Janice suggested Pete Fornatel and noted she has been corresponding with him.
•The committee will be meeting at the Tarrytown Music Hall Wednesday.

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
•Bill asked for a volunteer to manage the Tribes Hill camp-site at Falcon Ridge. The volunteer would mark the campsite, set up the tent, keep the fire burning, and host the song circle. After no-one volunteered it was suggested we ask for a volunteer at the annual meeting.

•Iris asked everyone to keep their comments during discussion brief.

Cindy motioned to adjourn the meeting. James seconded. Meeting adjourned.