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Business Meeting Minutes

June 11,  2016

June 11, 2016 Business Meeting
Members Present:
Susan Kane
Larry Kolker
Tom Morgan
Julia Bordenaro
Judy Kass
George Gierer
Scoot Horton
Ira Levin
Steve Scholle
Iris Cohen
Pete Tamburrini
Peter Shafran

6:29 George called the meeting to order, Tom seconded.
Larry moved to accept the minutes from the April meeting and Susan seconded.  Motion
Tom gave the treasurer’s report.  In April, we had a balance of $3005. After paying for
the Port-o-potty and EMBARK promotional materials, we currently (in June) stand at
$2,666 - still “in the black” as he stated.
George reminded our membership that the June meeting is a fundraiser and that they
should “give ’til it hurts!”
Tribes Hill was the recipient of an ArtsWestchester grant for $1000.  Karen Hudson,
lead grant writer, presented the check to treasurer, Tom Morgan and thanked Judy Kass
and Susan Kane for their help with the grant process.