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From the Director's Desk

Community Announcement

Community Announcement
Dear Friends,

As many of you may know at this time, I intend on stepping down as the Director of Tribes Hill at our upcoming Annual Meeting on July 8th.

I've dedicated more than 12 years to the service of this organization and to creating a music community for regional artists. I intend to continue to support both regional and independent music on a more personal level, contributing financially to projects that embody the principles which I have championed  over the years.

I intend to be available to the future officers and board for consultation. The Tribes Hill office and archives may continue to find residence here at Hammond House. I will actively sort, organize and publish some of these archival items over time. I also intend on remaining a web site administrator. Business meetings are welcome here as well.  

I have suggested that we have an informal "Direction" meeting around the campfire the night before our Annual Meeting, sharing songs and ideas. There are many possibilities for Tribes Hill.

As our guiding principles suggest, participation is the key to harmony.

Sing, sing, sing... sing!!!

Rick Rock, Founder

Tribes Hill Kindred Folk