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May Update

Kindred Folks
It was so great that many of you came & shared your special energy in the first Kindred Folk Song Circle...
Thank you very much!!!  I can't wait to meet more of you (out there in email land) in the circles to come.

Besides the great musical exploration...we did cover quite bit of ground in passing discussion.
To keep everyone in the's an update:

•We shared vision about a compilation CD...a "Kindred Folk Sampler" (more to be announced!)....
•Talked about a near future Kindred Folk-VT Web Site for hosting related information about us
as a group & to provide links to regional musicians & musical events. :-)
For now, PLEASE NOTE THE NEW ADDRESS:  update your address books!
•We made announcements about upcoming gigs/folk fests...(sorry, I wrote them down &
left them in the car)
•Shared that Jon Potter of the Reformer wants to do a full write up at some point about
Kindred Folk.
Also that the Brattleboro Community Radio station will support us w/announcements, play our
CDs, & offer some slots which are open to show up & jam 'live' on the air.  An awesome opportunity! :-)
•Briefly opened discussion about changing Song Circle day/time to open up more
possibilities for attendance. Maybe we will hold circle at a later time on 2nd Tuesdays (from 6-8pm)
if the Common Ground will accommodate...or a perhaps change to Sunday if they decide
to stay open in the evening....
•And we mentioned a possible future switch from the 4th Friday Showcase to a 1st Friday Showcase
during Gallery Walk starting in July...which makes sense since WE ARE ARTISTS, too! :-)

I promise when the dust settles from all this initial will remember all these
days & times, as they will become more solid!