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Tribes Hill - A Sleepy Hollow Solstice

cover of Tribes Hill - A Sleepy Hollow Solstice

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released 2002

David Goldman leads this performance (in the video posted below) of Someday Somewhere at the 2008 Tribes Hill Solstice Show at Tarrytown Music Hall. The song was a hit in the early 1950s for Sam Cooke & the Soul Stirrers. Written by 'Georgia' Thomas A. Dorsey; ©Thomas A. Dorsey/Unichappell Music, Inc.-BMI) Features David Goldman, Vocals/Guitar; Eric Puente, Drums; Eddie Denise, Bass; Paul Silverman, Keyboards; Vocals: Fred Gillen, James Durst, Madhumita Chakrabartti, Jay Mafale, Susan Kane, Susan Lang, Joe Iadanza, Matt Turk, Catherine Miles, Joe Duraes, Bill Wisnowski, Jonathan Kruk, Andrew V. Craig, Judy Kass, John Heller, Leif Smith & more. Video by Simon Feldman,

updated: 8 years ago