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About Us

Mission, Vision, Goals & Guiding Principles

Mission, Vision, Goals  Guiding Principles
Tribes Hill is a nonprofit organization uniting musician of the lower Hudson Valley region and their patrons in support of a music community that aspires to common goals and beliefs. It is a conceptual gathering place for people of all races, politics, and faiths coming together to explore and celebrate the human experience through song.

We believe that music is an affirmation of the spirit and is capable of transcending the human condition. We also believe that we must learn to coexist on this planet and that music, as a profound language, has the ability to unite people in a common experience, as well as help us better understand our differences. We see our organization as being a unique channel for music and its appreciation.

The goals of Tribes Hill are:

1) To create a working cooperative to achieve common goals, such as creating public showcases, bringing music to schools, encouraging regional radio programs, etc.

2) To concentrate on promoting the music of our independent artists through the support of patrons and the many resources of the lower Hudson Valley as well as beyond.

3) To operate as a parent organization to Kindred Folk, an agency which will help support artists within and outside our specific region. Kindred Folk will be used as a name to identify all of our participating artists both nationally and internationally. We will network with all of our Kindred Folk.

4) To be recognized not only by our regional artists and patrons but, by the larger music community as a valuable resource that offers an enlightening context for music appreciation.

5) To create and maintain a website which is both informative and instrumental in advocating our mission.

6) A future goal is to create a cooperative studio / office / workspace for recording, workshops, rehearsals, etc.

To realize our mission, vision, and goals we follow these guiding principles:

1) First things first. Priorities within our capabilities. One note at a time.

2) A commitment to innovation, creativity, integrity and diversity.

3) To look after the welfare of our regional artists first and foremost.

4) Participation is the key to harmony.

5) To be encouraging and supportive to all artists yet to be discerning of quality and integrity in sponsored programs and products representing the whole. Panels and committees will be formed as needed.

6) We define our region as being the proximity of the lower Hudson Valley with a radius including but not limited to 60 miles of Westchester County, NY.

7) We support independent music in all of its genres.

8) We embrace folk music in its broadest definition as the music of the people.

9) By becoming affiliated to Folk Alliance we agree with its mission statement.