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Annual Meeting


Tribes Hill Annual Meeting and Hootenanny Saturday June 12,  Hammond House, Valhalla, NY

10:00 am -1:00 pm Set up
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Open Mic
3:30 - 5:00 Potluck Dinner Barbecue
5:00 - 6:00 Business Meeting
6:00 - 8:00 Music
8:00 - ? Break down, clean-up, put away
8:00 - ? Camp Fire and Song Circle

Please lend a hand and volunteer. We need more volunteers for Food and for Grounds, setting up the week before, breaking down at the end of the day, cleaning up and putting things away.
Post a comment below or send an email through the site and let us know how you would like to help out. Please include your phone number so we can contact you if needed.

Volunteers will set up and break down tents, tables, chairs, trash and recycling area, and build and maintain the campfire. Volunteers will be needed on an evening preceding the event (weather permitting) to set up the tent and bring chairs and tables from the cellar, an evening following the event to strike the tent and return tent, table, and chairs back to the cellar, and on Saturday the day of the event to set up tables, tend trash and recycling, and build and maintain campfire.

Volunteers will be needed for shifts the day of the event  to set up and maintain beverage center,  to receive pot-luck contributions and to prepare food for grill,  to grill food, and to serve dinner and dessert, and to clear tables and clean up kitchen.

Volunteers will be needed to move sound equipment and lights before and after the event to and from stage Sweep the stage free of branches and dirt, put up the banner, bring the carpet out. Set up the lights.

Volunteers for this position should feel comfortable collecting money and recording member information as members arrive throughout the day and selling our T-shirts and new compilation CD.

This position requires assertive people who can give instructions loudly and clearly. Volunteers will monitor the parking in the driveway and direct cars to park at the bank.

Volunteers for this position must have a car. Jobs may include picking up miscellaneous items as needed. This is an ongoing job throughout the event day.


Put together the evening show

Invite honorary member and prepare introduction.