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Business Meeting Minutes


Members Present:

Mary Beth Kean
Ruth Post
Susan Kane
Bill Wisnowski
Mike Morris
Joe Cromwell
Janice Rost
Rick Rock
Madhumita Chakrabartti
James Durst
Iris Cohen
Pete Tamburrini
Carl Knobloch
Andrew Craig
John Geller

•Susan called the meeting to order and passed the pig for dinner contributions.
•Ruth motioned to accept minutes
•Madhumita gave treasurer's report indicating we have about $1000 in our account.
•The sign up sheet for volunteers to prepare dinner was passed around and the meal was applauded.

Puffin Grant
•We received a $750 grant to do a new Tribes Hill compilation CD. This was less than we asked for and less than what we will need to accomplish the CD. After discussion Ruth motioned that we appoint Susan to be the project chair for the compilation CD and that she establish a committee. Bill seconded. All agreed.

•The minutes from our last meeting were accepted by vote.

Annual Meeting
•John Platt accepted our lifetime membership and will attend the annual meeting.
•Carl reported on the following:
•We have filled all the needed positions for Sound/Stage. The emcees will be Dennis da Costa and Ron (from the Golden Apple Coffeehouse)
•Andy has volunteers for Grounds but no one has volunteered for specific times.
•Signage positions are filled
•We should send another email or 2 asking for volunteers.
•Bill and Rick will discuss stage rebuilding.
•All parking will be offsite at the bank or on the street. This should be noted in the email announcements.
•We discussed how many tents we have or may need in case of rain. Bill and Ruth agreed to bring additional tents in the event of rain.
•Ruth reminded everyone it is a potluck. Not many people have signed up. We also briefly discussed whether or not we need to barbecue. The consensus was yes barbecue. Ruth asked for a budget.
•After an online discussion regarding efforts to "reduce reuse recycle" we decided to invest in compostable paperware and utensils and to ask members to bring their own beverage containers. Andy suggested we ask members to bring unwanted cups, donate them, sell them for $2, and then award the wackiest cup. All agreed this could be a fun way to further efforts toward "greening" our events. Ruth will work out specifics.
•Susan wondered if we should reach out to old members in a less formal way. Everyone on our mailing list will be invited.
•Madhumita needs more volunteers.
•Alisa should be included in volunteer correspondence.

Westchester's Greatest Hits
•Last week Tarrytown Music hall informed us of an additional $3 charge per ticket and a $2000 videotaping fee. They agreed to donate $2000 to Tribes Hill for each show to cover this fee. Checks will be exchanged at each show.
•We don't know if we made it into the Summer Calendar.
•We need to let John Platt know about the date change.
•Information regarding volunteers needed for this event will be posted after the Annual Meeting.
•Rick asked Janice to head up committee for volunteer ushers.
•Ruth is working on a sponsorship letter.

Next year officers
•All current officers expressed their interest in retaining their current positions.

9:20 Iris motioned to adjourn. James seconded. Meeting adjourned