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Business Meeting Minutes


Members Present

Mary Beth Kean
Matt Turk
Cindy Cromwell
Janice Rost
John Geller
Marc Black
Bill Wisnowski
Susan Kane
Phil Dollard
Anthony da Costa
Fred Gillen Jr
Rick Rock
James Durst
Madhumita Chakrabartti
Buddy Coughlin
Barb Prisament
Steve Kirkman
Mike Morris
Andy Craig
Judy Kass
Pete Tamburrini
Iris Cohen

8:30 Susan called the meeting to order.
•Sept 19 is the deadline for the WAC grant cycle for next year. Tribes Hill can apply and/or sponsor an individual artist submission. We briefly discussed Tribes Hill Song Book as a project for the grant. Rick would like to do something with filmmaker Simon Feldman.
•Bill moved to accept minutes with typo changes. Cindy seconded. All accepted by vote.
•Treasurer's Report: From the Annual Meeting we raised $285 from the raffle, $42 from the "ugly mug" contest, and $1250 in membership dues.

Annual Meeting
•A great day despite the weather.
Some comments
•Consider changing the schedule so dinner isn't so late. People were ravenous by the time we ate. Consider overlapping Food and Open mic
•Music in the laundry room adjacent to the song circle was distracting the song circle.
•It was good to see group interaction on the stage during the open mic.

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
•Michael Kornfeld and Glen Roethel from Acoustic Music Scene will co-host the song circle. They will also help with set-up and break-down.

Westchester's Greatest Hits
•The committee had nothing new to report. MB read the volunteer outline from June meeting. The committee is scheduled to meet and will report more in August.
•We should establish the Solstice Committee or at least find a leader who can benefit from and participate in as appropriate for preparations for the WGH show because there will be overlap.

•November 14, 15, 16.
•Need a leader who will take on what Rick has been doing, oversee 2 rooms, find renters for second room, organize showcases, schedule set up and breakdown of room, hospitality, and organize exhibit hall, set-up, break-down, and covering the table.

Tribes Hill Songbook
•Matt has been discussing plans for a Tribes Hill Songbook show with John (last name?) from WAC for the spring. The show would include Tribes Hill members covering each other's songs. Collecting these songs or songs submitted by Tribes Hill members into a songbook would be part of the project.
•For the show we would be expected to sell 100 seats. The show will be at the WAC Bank Building in White Plains. The specific financial arrangements still have to be worked out.
•Matt, Fred, and Judy formed the committee. Fred agreed to lead.

Cd Sampler
•Nothing new to report.

New Business
•Should we send out a monthly newsletter? Perhaps a quick note pointing people to new info posted on the site?

•Iris proposed looking for grant money to buy some new sound equipment. She will generate a wish list. Jim Beam may be a resource for this kind of grant money.

•Post your gigs on the calendar. Barb posted some great pictures.

James moved to close the meeting. Marc seconded. Meeting adjourned via vote.