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Business Meeting Minutes

Business Meeting Minutes

Business Meeting Minutes
April 12, 2016

Present : President, George Gierer; Treasurer, Tom Morgan; Scoot Horton, Vice President; Board Members: Peter Shafran; Iris Cohen; Pete Tamburrini; Steve Scholle; Judy Kass;
Gannett Ries; Ira Levin; Julie Bordenaro; Larry Kolker; Rick Rock; Susan Kane.

Meeting started at 7:49PM

We began with a moment of silence for James Durst. Rick Rock said a few words about James and his many contributions to Tribes Hill. James became ill the day before he was to perform at Embark, and Rick proposed that some Tribes Hill artists perform his set list at the annual meeting. It was decided that Judy Kass and the Levins would take this on, closing with his River Song.

Minutes from prior meeting approved as submitted

Tom Morgan submitted Treasurers report.
NY state check  ($1233) was finally cashed!
Checks written to ArtsWestchester and Folk Alliance were paid, leaving our cash balance at $3005.
9/27/15 balance was $4564

The Folk Alliance group exemption program will require liability insurance next year. Rick will contact Folk Alliance for insight into why they are looking for this considering the negative impact this requirement will have on small organizations, such as ours.

The annual meeting is scheduled for June 11; it will start with an open mike as usual, committees are needed to work with Rick; Steve Scholle volunteered to help set up on Friday. Gannett’s band will once again act as house band. Joe Pszonek gets the nod for this year’s honorary membership. Rick will send a notice looking for additional volunteers.

Madhumita approached Rick with an idea to raise money in James’ memory and distribute it to artists in need. This could be achieved through events or online platforms. Other ideas were discussed, such as staging his theatrical works like Hue Manatee. This is an early concept which needs development.

Mary Beth Kean has resigned as Secretary. Everyone expressed their deep appreciation for her long and dedicated service to Tribes Hill, and also her many wonderful pasta and salad dinners. Karen Hudson may sign on as Secretary in June. She wrote and secured the $1000 grant for the nine show series at Embark from ArtsWestchester and is doing the PR for it. It should be noted that the grant funds have not yet been received. George needs to be reimbursed for some Embark artist payments. The Board unanimously approved such payment.

George mentioned a potential collaboration with members of the Philadelphia Folksong Society (they run the Philadelphia Folk Festival). There would be some sort of the geographical exchange. (Road trip?)  Scoot offered to investigate.

New project: a TH podcast. Joe Pszonek does one. Format: interview, live performance, spun songs.

Songwriting workshops: Steve Scholle is doing them on Meetup. Students are more difficult to recruit now.  He will conduct them as a co-sponsored series with TH

Pete Tamburrini made a motion to adjourn, Peter Shafran seconded, meeting adjourned at 8:47PM

Treasurers Report

Opening Balance 9/27/15 $4564

Solstice                $515
Donation (Pig)                $221
Paypal Donation              $ 49

Total         $785

John Jay Homestead$1233
Embark artists                $  113
NERFA Table         $   75
Food           $198
Rent                   $100
Raffle postage                   $ 13
Folk Alliance
Membership            $85
Program                  $150
ArtsWestchester         $110
Webhosting         $180
Closing checkbook balance 4/11/16  $3005

Submitted by Susan Kane