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Business Meeting Minutes


8/2/07 Minutes

Members Present:
Mary Beth Kean
Susan Lang
William Wisnowski
Steve Kirkman
Iris Cohen
Rick Rock
John Kramer
James Durst
Cindy Cromwell
Mike Morris
Janice Rost
Madhumita Chakrabartti
Marc Black
Ruth Post
Laura Warfield
Susan Kane

Susan Kane opened the meeting.
James motioned to accept the minutes subject to addition of Susan Lang's name to Members Present. Ruth seconded.

Susan brought a copy of "Roberts Rules". She suggested that although there are benefits of enthusiastic chaos we should try to curb our enthusiasm and wait to be called on to talk.

Agenda items for tonight's meeting include Pleasantville, Falcon Ridge, Website, Grant (Westchester arts), Music to Libraries, TH Presents/October Event,
Pass the Pig, Westchester Farmers Market, NERFA.

Mary Beth and Susan sent the checks to pay artists. After discussion it was agreed that the process/form we used for signing merchandise in and out and recording sales transactions worked.
We will report specific sales amounts next month.
We briefly discussed collecting $1.00 per CD sold as a way to cover cost resulting from error or theft. We have used the raffle to defray these costs and so far it has been effective in that regard. No specific action was taken on this matter.

Regarding the raffle it was noted we sold the most when we went out to the main-stage to sell. It was suggested we should do that sooner and have the raffle announced more.
We discussed asking for more announcements from the mainstage regarding our presence and adding a sign to the haybales. It was agreed after discussion that the merchandise tent should remain where it is next year as opposed to moving away from the acoustic stage and into the vendor area.

The hay-bales worked better this year but we still had a problem with bleed.

We briefly discussed accommodating credit card transactions next year but felt it would greatly complicate the day because we would have to keep better track of which artists to charge for the additional credit card fees. We discussed suggesting an ATM machine on the premises instead. We also noted there weren't many people asking to use credit cards.

Falcon Ridge
Rick thanked the Budgie-dome hosts for saving such prime real estate for our camp.

We should have had some brochures at Acoustic Live.

Acoustic Live
The cost to put a permanent add for one year in the Acoustic Live periodical would be $250. It was unclear what size this would be and if we could change it from time to time. Ruth motioned to run the add, Susan L. seconded. It was voted to accept the motion. It was suggested we include something about becoming a member, our website, and announce big events like the Solstice Show. MaryBeth volunteered to prepare an add for consideration. Bill agreed to help.

It was suggested the Directory of Artist be made more user friendly. Mary Beth and Susan agreed to work on the site and report back next meeting.

Westchester Arts Council Grants
Mary Beth and Susan will go to one of the meetings.
Bill, Susan Kane, and Ruth will meet to discuss.

Tribes Hill Presents,
Susan K, Steve K, and Rich Deans will be putting on a TH Presents Show at the Thataway Cafe in Greenwich.

The Roots Music Coffee House will be doing a Tribes Hill Presents the week before NERFA with R. Schneider, Laura Warfield's group, and Anthony da Costa.

Marc Black suggested Moonrocks in Bedford Hills as a venue where we could do a Tribes Hill Presents or an Open Mic.

Oct 12 or 19 Ruth will host a Tribes Hill Presents Show at her Community House. She has asked Monty. She is thinking about Anthony and would like a woman. It will be a Pot Luck dinner and she will do some kind of split with TH, the artists and the Community House.

After discussing various ways to advertise the shows James volunteered to compose press releases for Tribes Hill events. He will send those to Mary Beth who will send them out members via our email list.

Westchester Farmers Market Opportunity
This is an event at the Westchester County Center to give local farmers and consumer's access to each other monthly through the winter when Farmer's Markets are closed. Tribes Hill has been invited to participate. The dates are once a month December through May. Mary Beth motioned to send this information to members. Ruth seconded. Motion carried.

The deadline for applying for a formal showcase is next week.
Rick is already getting requests from people looking for spots in our Guerilla Showcase. It was agreed only members current in their dues will be included. Rick will prepare an invite to our members and send it to our mailing list so we can firm up a list of artists by mid September.

We have 57 members. It was suggested we send a reminder to old members who are not current in their dues. James motioned to send reminder. Steve K seconded. Motion carried with no discussion.

Susan L. motioned to adjourn meeting. Bill seconded. Meeting Adjourned.

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