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Business Meeting Minutes


Tribes Hill Meeting Minutes November 11, 2006

Members present:
Mary Beth Kean, Secretary
Madhumita Chakrabartti, Treasurer
James Durst, President
Anthony da Costa
Susan Kane, Vice President
James Keyes
Carl Knoblock
William Wisnowski
Dennis da Costa
Janice Rost
Mary Hegarty
Rick Rock, Director
Iris Cohen
Mike Morris

Opened meeting.
•James suggested we accept minutes expeditiously. All agreed.

Old Business
•Fred delivered CD compilations. They will be handed out at NERFA and available to members for download.
•Rick and Mary Beth will make the jewel case cover inserts.
•James requested a show of hands to see who would be arriving when to Kutschers
•Mary Beth asked everyone to be aware that there may be gaps in coverage at the table. She and Rick will firm the exhibition hall schedule. Dennis and Iris both will be available for anytime slot.
•Work of the Weavers will be doing a full show on Sunday morning at 11:00. James invited us all to attend.
•TH will cover paper-ware for the room. Ali and Kathleen will be providing the food as they have in the past.

Solstice Show
•The Solstice Show will be December 17, 2006, 3:00pm at The Golden Apple Coffeehouse, St Marks Church in Mount Kisco.
•St Marks has also invited us to contribute to their Holiday Show on Sunday December 10. They would like us to do three 15-minute sets
•Our Solstice Show has traditionally been an opportunity for members to collaborate with each other.
•Rick will lead the production committee for the show. Mary Beth, Dennis, and Janice volunteered to be on the committee.
•Bill volunteered to assist Rick with the poster and tickets. He can work with last years poster sent to him as a photo-shop file.  Rick thinks he has the file on disk to send to Bill.
•Iris will do the sound. Bill and James K. will donate monitors for the show.
•Janice volunteered to work the door.
•Iris will ask Jonathan Kruk if he is available to host.
•Posters should be ready for the November 18 show at The Golden Apple Coffeehouse. We will not include the names of all performers on the poster but would like to have host (Jonathan Kruk?)
•We agreed to do advance sales $12.00 advance, $15.00 at the door, and $10.00 for members. Rick mentioned using Pay Pal for advance sales and as a way to collect dues from new members so they can download the NERFA Compilation CD
•Lisa Wenzel (The Golden Apple Coffeehouse) has asked us to contribute baked goods to sell for the coffeehouse. The Coffeehouse also needs chairs. Unfortunately our chairs are dirty and rusty.
•We need to get the invitation out to artists for the solstice. All submissions / suggestions for the show must be received by Rick by Monday November 27.
•Musicians must be dues paying members to participate.
•Anthony volunteered to do computer work.

•Bill asked if we had made a decision about the festivals we will attend in the coming year. James suggested that decisions could be made as the year unfolds.
•We will have a regular meeting on June 4 then the annual meeting / Hootenanny on Saturday June 9.
•Mary Beth will post the calendar on the web site.

New Business
Honorary Membership
•Rick motioned we nominate John Hall as an honorary member of Tribes Hill. Dennis seconded.
•Carl opposed. He believed tribes Hill should remain apolitical.
•James felt the timing might be suspect suggesting we wait to see if John shows interest in TH over time.
•Dennis cited how Hall has brought musicians together to talk about peace, environmentalism, and community through music and although he is running for congress he is still a musician.
•Mary suggested as a newcomer it would turn her off to see anything that might appear to be a political endorsement.
•James suggested we table the discussion and revisit the issue at some point in the future.
•Carl motioned to table the discussion. Bill seconded. All voted and agreed.
•James suggested we think about other people we may nominate for honorary membership. Bill suggested Nora Guthrie.
•Rick said he hopes that Tribes Hill will not be afraid to make political statements. James agreed but clarified political, but not partisan.

Ali in Vermont
•Ali would like to start a Tribes Hill chapter in Vermont.
•It was discussed that Kindred Folk rather than Tribes Hill Vermont would be a more appropriate name and in keeping with our 3rd goal (reproduced here).

3) Tribes Hill will operate as a parent organization to Kindred Folk, an agency which will help support both artists within and outside of our specific region. Kindred Folk will be used as a name to identify all of our participating artists both nationally and internationally. A goal is to network with all of our Kindred Folk.

•It was discussed that a representative from the chapter would be required to attend the annual meeting and all members of the chapter would be Tribes Hill members.
•Bill motioned to extend a welcome to Ali and to ask her to prepare a proposal for consideration discussing mutual benefits. Anthony seconded. All agreed. It was also suggested Ali should know we are favorable toward the idea.

Madhumita, Mary Beth, and Susan agreed to work on the budget this weekend at NERFA.

•Mary Beth reminded Board members to get her their list of affiliations.

Dennis motioned to adjourn. Janice seconded. Meeting Adjourned.