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Business Meeting Minutes


3/05/07 Tribes Hill Meeting Minutes

Members Present:
Rick Rock
Laura Warfield
Marc Black
Ted Horan
Madhumita Chakrabartti
James Durst
Fred Gillen Jr.
Janice Rost
Susan Kane
Andrew Craig
Carl Knobloch
Steve Kirkman
Iris Cohen
Matt Turk
Mike Morris
John Geller

Fred read the mission statement of Tribes Hill

Susan opened the meeting.
James motioned to accept minutes. Carl seconded. Minutes were accepted.

Old Business
Folk Alliance Application
•Our annual application for Folk Alliance group exemption was filed along with $150 fee. This status allows us to accept tax-deductible charitable contributions, gives members of Tribes Hill membership (without individual voting rights) in Folk Alliance. Our membership supports the work of Folk Alliance.

Pleasantville Music Festival
•Marc spoke with Phil Ciganer, however Sol Levitt (?) volunteered to accept Directorship of the festival. Rich Saffarty who worked with Jim Zimmerman will also continue on.
•Rick met with Sol and Rich to discuss our role in the festival. Rick suggested a Mission Statement (by the festival) should be a priority to define the regional component of the festival so we could go after some bigger regional artists such as Norah Jones, Steve Earle. Various other names were suggested.
•Rick said our name should be on the poster this year.
•Because the town of Pleasantville is running the festival they cannot pay money to a not-for profit. They will be showcasing a women's shelter but all monies contributed must come from the public.
•We would like to raise money for the music to libraries project. Rick suggested a 3-phase proposal beginning with a compilation CD that we distribute to the libraries. More specific aspects of the plan can be worked out later, for example as Marc suggested using a more digital way of delivering Tribes Hill artists music to libraries. Susan suggested that we start with a smaller group of libraries to start.
•There is very little room in the budget to pay each artist on the acoustic stage. They will give tickets as compensation that the artist can sell or give away. Last year most artists gave their tickets away to friends and fans. They may also pay a sum that could go to Tribes Hill to support the Music to Libraries fund.
•Tribes Hill will open the show as a group. Rick also suggested one Tribes Hill artist have a set on the main stage, perhaps KJ Denhert.
•Rick, Sol, and Rich also discussed turning the stage at a slight angle (to address sound bleed) and the volunteer process.
•Susan asked about programming. Rick would like to see more collaboration between Tribes Hill artists on the acoustic stage. Carl noted the small size of the stage. Fred felt we could get 9 or 10 people up there. Madhumita suggested finding out soon who from Tribes Hill will performing.
•Matt would like to see better signage and would like to hear the MC on the Main Stage talk about what is going on at the acoustic stage.
•Fred mentioned the sandwich board New Song used on stage at the River to River Festival.
•Rick suggested seeking sponsorship on our own to raise money for the artists on the acoustic stage.
•James reminded us that the date of the Festival, July 14, is Woody Guthries birthday. This gives us a theme. Hope Machine may take on a more central role since they are a Woody Guthrie cover band of sorts and because they involve many Tribes Hill artists in their music. James suggested that each artist include take a Woody song in their set. Rick said he thinks this would be good on the mainstage. James suggested this as a theme on the acoustic stage. Various other ideas about how to celebrate Woody were discussed.
•Fred felt Nora Guthrie would really promote the show if it has a Woody aspect.
•Rick will compose letters for the bigger artists we would like to invite to the festival. He will share these letters with Rich and Sol before he sends them.
•-Rick also suggested to Sol any profits from the concert be set aside for future shows.

Huntington Folk Festival
•Susan asked for an update. Bill Wisnowski has been our contact but he is not present tonight.

•Ruth is interested in being on the By-laws committee. She was not able to attend the meeting.
•Rick reminded everyone they could go to the site and make comments about the by-laws.

•Janice spoke with Lisa from the Golden Apple Coffee House to see if we could do a co production again next year. Lisa does not know if she will have a contract for next year. Her current contract is up in June.
•It was suggested we investigate other venues.
•Some suggestions:
•Ruth's Club House in Katonah. Holds about 50 people
•Bedford Hills Community House (home of Jeffrey Brauns Lost and Found Coffeehouse)
•Moonrocks, a new venue in Bedford Hills holds about 130 people. It is in a more industrial part of Bedford. Parking is Fine. Decorated in Beatles and NASA paraphernalia. The sound is incredible. Marc Black suggested that it may not be the best venue for The Solstice Show but may present an opportunity for Tribes Hill artist to perform.
•Rick suggested we form a committee to explore new venues. Susan suggested we consider this under new business.
•Rick would like to consider a synagogue.
•Janice mentioned a seminary in NYC on the Upper West Side. It has a built in audience.
•Church on Central park West in the 70's.
•James suggested further discussion of venues be left to a committee.

Web site upgrades
•$300 was sent to Slab Media for upgrades discussed at previous meeting. There may be additional costs for the Paypal function. Rick agreed to contribute this extra money if needed.

New Business
Treasurers Report
•Madhumita will present a Treasurers report next meeting.

Annual meeting
•June 9 is the Annual Meeting for Tribes Hill. We will have a business meeting, music, and food.
•Perhaps some of the music for Pleasantville could be worked out at the meeting.
•Rick suggested we open with open mic.
•We should have an MC. It should be an opportunity to encourage people to become members
•Publicity was discussed. We will send out to our list. We also discussed asking artists to send to their individual lists, perhaps advertising on Craig's' List as well.
(Note at this point the recording from the meeting stopped and the notes were composed from Iris Cohens notes.)
•Establishing a membership committee was suggested.

A venue committee to explore the concept of "Tribes Hill Presents" was proposed. A monthly show featuring perhaps 3 artists splitting the proceeds four ways (the fourth share would go to Tribes Hill. James moved to form an exploratory committee and come back with proposals. Janice seconded.
•James, Matt, Marc, Andy, Janice, and Susan volunteered to sit on the committee.

Madhumita asked about procedure to remove people from committees. The By-laws do not set guidelines for this.

Art In The Park
•Iris said she still has no word however the organizers are meeting this week.

Folk Alliance
•James and Marc shared their experiences from The Annual Folk alliance Conference in Memphis.

Susan suggested that the ceramic piggy bank be passed around at each months meeting to help defray the costs of presenting the delicious pasta and salad dinner and provide an opportunity for spontaneous generosity to Tribes Hill and it mission of musical community

Carl motioned to adjourn the meeting. Marc seconded.