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Business Meeting Minutes


5/7/07 Tribes Hill Meeting Minutes

Members Present:
Madhumita Chakrabartti
Elza Mueller-Roemer
Fred Gillen Jr.
Laura Warfield
Carl Knobloch
Janice Rost
Mike Morris
Leif Smith
Susan Kane
Dennis da Costa
Susan Lang
John Geller
Iris Cohen
Marc Black
David Goldman
Rick Rock
Mary Beth Kean
Steve Kirkman
William Wisnowski

Susan Kane opened the meeting.
Madhumita moved to accept minutes. Marc seconded. Minutes were accepted.

Iris relayed a message from Lisa Wenzel of The Golden Apple Coffee House. She invited all Tribes Hill members to attend the May 12 show for free.

Old Business

•Proposed changes to the by-laws were reviewed and discussed.
•It was agreed that the January meeting shall be designated a Board Meeting in keeping with Article IV, Section Seven: Regular Director's Meetings
•After discussing Article IV, Section Eight: Quorum of Directors It was agreed to leave Article IV, Section Four: Size and Composition as is with the understanding that it is in our best interest for the purpose of establishing a quorum to have fewer Board Members who will be able to attend meetings than more Board Members who may not be able to attend meetings.
•9 voting members present agreed to send the rest of the proposed changes to the Secretary. These proposed changes will be posted on the website and voted on by the general membership at the Annual Meeting June 9, 2007.

Invitation to The Annual Meeting
•Mary Beth read a draft of the letter that will be posted on the web site and sent to our mailing list. Several changes were suggested and included in the text.
•After discussion Dennis motioned that membership shall be for our fiscal year from July 1 till June 30 with no prorated dues for those who contribute half way into the year. Bill seconded. Motion was approved by majority vote.
•After discussion it was agreed that it would be ok to post the invitation on Craig's List. Susan K. agreed to do this.

Treasurers Report
•Madhumita reported our current balance as of mid April is $1031.65. We have 66 members who have paid dues and 1 honorary member.
•Madhumita requested anyone with ideas for the budget forward them to her. She is preparing our budget for the Annual Meeting.

Summer Festivals
•We discussed Huntington and Art in the Park. We will not be participating in either of these Festivals.
•Rick suggested we put together a set of Tribes Hill Members to propose to festivals for next year.

•The invitation to contributing members for the opening set, acoustic stage submissions and volunteering in the merchandise tent was sent. Rick has received responses. Fred and Steve who will be putting the program together will use the closing 2-hour set at our Annual Meeting to try out songs for the Pleasantville opening. They stressed they will use fewer instruments on stage and more voices. It was suggested if we have more good stuff then will fit in the opening we could do a set on the acoustic stage.
•The acoustic stage sets will be 25 minutes long.
•The main stage acts have not yet been selected.

Website Upgrades
•The first phase of our upgrades have been completed. All contributing members can now go to the site and use their own login and password to post their gigs on the website. If anyone has difficulty they should e-mail Mary Beth.
•In the coming months we will be setting up more e-mail contacts through the site. We need volunteers to take on website maintenance and administration. Dennis suggested setting up a task force. Carl mentioned that he has volunteered to work on the website. Rick would like links updated.

Venue Committee Report
•The venue Committee has compiled a list of possible venues. They circulated the list at the meeting. They also proposed booking 3 Tribes Hill musicians to perform. The person who makes the booking will receive 10% of contract value then the balance would be split 4 ways with  going to each musician and  to Tribes Hill.
•Fred will approach Makor once they relocate to Tribeca.
•It was suggested we all make a conscious effort to support John Platt's Under the Radar by going to the shows.

The Annual Meeting
•Rick can help Iris bring our equipment from the Golden Apple Coffee House to Hammond House after the June 2 show so we have it for our Annual Meeting.
•We will begin setting up for the Annual Meeting at our June 4, Monday meeting. Members can arrive early maybe 5:30 to get started.
•The following people volunteered to work at the admission/membership table: Susan Lang, Janice Rost, Madhumita Chakrabartti, Lara Herscovitch, Susan Kane, and Elza.
•The following people volunteered to help Rick with the stage: Bill Wisnowski, Leif Smith, Fred Gillen Jr., and Steve Kirkman.
•The following people volunteered to grill burgers etc.: Mary Beth Kean, Leif Smith, Susan (?), and John Geller.
•Bill W has pop up tents we can borrow if we need them.
•Leif volunteered to make signs.

Other Announcements:
•We applauded Ali who has about 30 people interested in forming a Kindred Folk group in Vermont.

•Tribes Hill members who participate in The New Song Competition this year will receive a discount. To get the code contact Fred Gillen Jr.

•It was suggested Tribes Hill form a chorus to sing at Clearwater like the Peace Chorus or the like the Walkabout Chorus. It was also suggested we could form a guerilla chorus at Falcon Ridge.

•Katherine Michaels is hosting a Hudson Valley Artist Showcase on WHUD on Friday evenings at 10:00.

•Mary Beth circulated a brochure she and Bill put together. She volunteered to e-mail the brochure to anyone interested in contributing to it's content. The following people expressed interest: Susan L, Lara, Dennis, and Susan K.

•Marc motioned to adjourn meeting. Madhumita seconded.
9:30 Meeting adjourned.