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Business Meeting Minutes


Members Present:
Mary Beth Kean
Susan Lang
Joe Cromwell
Cindy Cromwell
Iris Cohen
James Durst
Marc Black
Alisa Amor
Carl Knobloch
Steve Kirkman
Fred Gillen Jr.
Mike Morris
Susan Kane
Bob Kresse
Dennis da Costa
Anthony da Costa
Bill Wisnowski
Janice Rost
Lara Herscovitch
Ruth Post
Matt Turk
Rick Rock

•Susan Kane called the meeting to order by inviting us all to applaud the meal prepared for us by Cindy and Joe.
•James motioned to accept the minutes from the September meeting. Susan Lang seconded. Minutes were accepted by vote without discussion

Old Business
West Arts Grant
•Our Westchester Council For the Arts Grant application was submitted. Some details from the application were noted. Excerpts describing independent musicians of the Hudson River region, their patrons (and potential patrons) as an "under-served community" and details of the show were read aloud.
•The date September 21, 2008 was secured at the Tarrytown Music Hall.
•Mary Beth's efforts in completing the application were applauded.

Solstice Show
•In an effort to "think bigger" and bring the music of Tribes Hill to a broader audience, Rick reserved December 14, 2008 at the Tarrytown Music Hall for our 2008 Solstice show. Everyone applauded this idea.
•He suggested we capitalize on marketing for the "Westchester's Greatest Hits" show and promote both shows together billing the Solstice show as a fundraiser. We could sell program adds for both shows.

Grant Proposal (revisited)
•The budget for the West arts grant proposal was read aloud. It was agreed that we should do advance ticket sales.

Solstice 2007
•It was suggested we videotape and record this years Solstice show.
•We do not have a commitment from Lisa on the date. (Golden Apple Coffee House venue).
•Janice proposed a "teaser show" at another venue on Friday December 21 but it was agreed that this was not feasible since it would mean a December 23 show and that is too close to Christmas.
•We discussed back-up venues for a December 16 show. Some suggestions were: Good Council, North Broadway, White Plains, Ruth's Clubhouse in Katonah, the JCC in White Plains (seats 300-400 people), Dobbs Ferry church, White Plains Methodist Church (new home of the Walkabout Clearwater Coffeehouse.
•James moved to give Lisa till the end of the week, and then look for an alternate venue. Lara seconded. Iris suggested we line up people to contact alternate venues. Matt suggested we give Lisa two weeks.
•The following people agreed to contact the following venues if needed, Matt: JCC and Dobbs Ferry church, Ruth, Methodist Church and Katonah. Mary Beth agreed to email Ruth and Matt if Lisa is not able to secure our December 16 date at St Mark's Church.
•James' motion was carried.

•It was agreed that the invitation to artists for the Solstice should be sent out and that the deadline for submitting ideas should be October 29. As we have in the past we designated the December 3 meeting a rehearsal. In response to observations from past shows that more rehearsals were needed we added Monday December 10 as an additional opportunity to use Hammond House for rehearsing. It was also suggested that everyone participating attend at least one of these Hammond House rehearsals.
•Matt also stressed that additional rehearsal is expected and should be encouraged.
•The invitation should include a list of all the songs we have ever done. We could repeat songs from past years and change their arrangements.

Tribes Hill Presents
•Several recently presented shows (Susan Kane, Steve Kirkman, & Rich Deans in Greenwich and Fred, Lara, Matt, And Steve K at the Huntington Folk Society Coffee House) and planned shows (the Farmer's Market at the Westchester County Center and Ruth's show in Katonah) have been called "Tribes Hill Presents". Rick raised the question how is this decided? It was suggested there should be some quality control, some financial consideration for Tribes Hill; the show should be on the calendar, Artists participating must share songs and interact with one another. Should participating artists be Tribes Hill members? Rick suggested a committee that would "give their blessing" to shows. James suggested establishing criteria for the shows.
•Mary Beth motioned to establish a "Tribes Hill Presents" committee to define what these shows are and to establish criteria. Fred seconded. The motion carried.
•The following members agreed to sit on the committee: Susan Kane, Fred, Bill, Steve K, Ruth, James, and Rick.

•We applauded Tribes Hill members who were given tri-centric showcases. Congratulations to Lara Herscovitch, Anthony da Costa, Steve Chizmadia, Montgomery Delaney, and James Durst with Work o' the Weavers.
•Mary Beth agreed organize food for the room at NERFA. Wine, coffee, and water are essential. Fred agreed to bake some cookies.

Compilation CD for NERFA
•The current IPR form on file was read and additions were suggested.
•We will print 500 copies from Superdups. They gave us the best price.

•Mike Kornfeld has been nominated for a seat on the NERFA board. He needs e-mails of support (announced earlier in the meeting)
•Marc Black suggested the Daniel Pearl Awareness Concert might be something we would like to get involved in.
•Ruth invited everyone to her show with Lara, James, and Monty on October 19.

Dinner next meeting
Bob Kresse volunteered to prepare our next meal. Cindy volunteered to help.

•Iris motioned to adjourn, Cindy seconded. Meeting Adjourned.