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Business Meeting Minutes


12/3/07 Minutes

Members Present
Susan Kane
Madhumita Chakrabartti
James Durst
Kathleen Pemble
Marc Black
Robin Halpin
Mary Beth Kean
Bill Wisnowski
Kelly Flint
Fred Gillen Jr.
Anthony da Costa
Janice Rost
Bob Kresse
Cindy Cromwell
Joe Cromwell
Pete Tamburrini
Iris Cohen
Andy Craig
Alan Dattner
Steve Kirkman
Mike Morris
Carl Knobloch
Joe Krzyzewski
George Krzyzewski
Rick Rock

•Susan called the meeting to order. We introduced ourselves by first name. We applauded Bob and Cindy for dinner and Susan encouraged contributions for the meal.
•Carl moved to accept the minutes. James seconded. Motion was carried.

Old Business
•We don't need to bring coffee next year because many people are offering it.
•11:30 showcase spot is too early to start.
•Rick read a "Thank you" letter from Mike Kornfeld who through grass roots support was nominated to the NERFA Board.
•Louis Meyers is looking for panelists for 2008 FA Conference. Susan asked if anyone was interested. She will forward Marc Black and James Durst's names for consideration.

Susan filed our first 990ez tax return in accordance with Folk Alliance's group membership program.

Wimpy Player will be hooked up soon. Keep an eye out for it.

•Tribes Hill Limited Edition 2007 is available to members for $5.00.
•Musicians on CD can buy at contract price through the end of the year then we can open up sales to other members.

Treasurers Report
•Balance mid October $2,721.47. This does not reflect NERFA fees and CD cost.

•Kutschers is closing so NERFA is looking for a new home. They need 350 rooms, dining for 650-700 people, at least 8 conference rooms, and one large stage. Several suggestions were made to Bill. He asked that anyone with ideas give them to him or send them to Diane Tankle at NERFA.

•Jonathan Kruk will host Solstice this year.
•Susan will use her CD Baby swiper to sell CDs.
•Tickets are available on the site through Pay Pal.
•Arrive at 12:30 for sound check
•We will fill out forms as we do at Pleasantville for merchandise sales.
•Passed around sign up list for food donations.
•If you want to put names on the guest list get them to us.
•Robin will send out .pdf of the flyer to anyone who would like it.
•Kathleen volunteered to take care of the kitchen.
•Carl volunteered to watch the food table.
•Janice, Madhumita, and Peg (?) will take admission.
•Mary Beth will watch merchandise table.
•Iris will handle sound.
•It was suggested next year we include some excerpts about interfaith celebrations read intermittently during the program.

•We agreed no program.

•Anthony motioned to adjourn. Bob seconded. Motion carried.

8:36 Meeting adjourned