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Business Meeting Minutes


Members Present:
Mary Beth Kean
Ruth Post
Susan Kane
Bill Wisnowski
Matt Turk
Mike Morris
Joe Cromwell
Iris Cohen
Barb Prisament
Cindy Cromwell
Janice Rost
Rick Rock
Madhumita Chakrabartti
James Durst
Fred Gillen Jr.
Steve Kirkman
Carl Knobloch
Alisa Amor

•Susan opened the meeting.
•James motioned to accept minutes. Ruth seconded. Motion carried.
•Susan reminded everyone we are trying to keep the meetings short so we have time for music at the end.
•Treasurer's Report: We have about $1500.
•James read our mission, vision and goals.
•Susan reported that the Folk Alliance membership renewal would go out this week.
•Mary Beth reported that we do not have our Acoustic Live ad because she was unable to reach Richard C. Fred suggested that if we just sending RC our logo and text he will set up the ad.
•Carl asked if we would be participating in Pleasantville Music Fest this year. Rick shared that they are not having the acoustic stage, they did not invite us to participate and that they intend to make the beer garden bigger this year.

Westchester Greatest Hits
•We defined the following sub committees that we will need to man at the next meeting:
PR and Promotion
Fund Raising, selling program ads
Design Playbill
•We briefly discussed the ad book.
•The date has been changed to accommodate both Gandalf Murphy and Sloan Wainwright's schedule. Lucy Wainwright Roche may also participate.

Project Management Update
•Bill briefly explained the outline. It will be posted on the website along with the minutes. He explained that the intention is mainly to reach out to the general membership for volunteers and to take the burden of responsibility off Rick.
•We will send out a call for volunteers to fill the needed positions.
•Matt has culled information about what people would like to volunteer to do. He will forward that info to Bill.
•We expect to send out a short email to direct people to the site where they can sign up to volunteer.
•James suggested we could also make phone calls.
•Bill suggested team leaders could make phone calls to put together their team.
•Members can bring grant proposals to the meeting if they hear of them.
•We briefly discussed Event Fundraising by the year and a standing committee focused on ongoing development.
•Joe reminded us to keep the focus on the music and to make the process transparent so people can see where they can contribute or volunteer. He also reminded us to stay organized and to keep to the mission statement.
•Bill also encouraged more email communication and discussion.

Annual Meeting
•Carl reported that we will have open mic from 1:00 -4:00, Potluck dinner and business meeting from 4:00-6:00, and Glass of Water and Joe Crookston performing at 6:00. We will pass the hat for Joe Crookston.
•Fred Gillen Jr. will head the Grounds Committee. This committee will be in charge of set-up and arranging for the port-o-potties
•Ruth Post will head the Food Committee, Cindy will help. Dinner will be a potluck. We will provide burgers and hot dogs.
•Madhumita will head the Merchandise Committee. This will include collecting membership dues/admission and selling merchandise
•Iris will take care of Sound and Stage Management.
•Mary Beth volunteered to head the PR and Advertising committee. This will include an email invitation to members, our mailing list, and maybe the Nerfa email list, printing a flyer musicians can hand out at their gigs, and sending out the call to members for volunteers.
•We still need someone to head the Parking Committee.

Mission Statement Committee Report
•Janice asked for input from the Board but did not get a lot of response. She shared some of the problems she has with our current mission statement. Susan suggested that the spirit of the mission statement is good but that it might need some editing. Matt suggested that the committee has more work to do before revisions are presented to the group.

New Business
•James reminded everyone May 1st is the deadline for Falcon Ridge Folk Fest Emerging Artists.
•Janice suggested that Tribes Hill mentor under privileged children.
•The South Salem Library Folk Series approached Ruth. She thought it might be an opportunity to develop our "Music to Libraries" idea.
•We may want to get involved in the "Musicians on call" program through WFUV. We may be able to combine this with Janice's idea about mentoring.

Clearwater and the Sloop club
•After discussion Iris motioned to support Bill's investigation of how Tribes Hill can participate in the Clearwater and/or Hudson Rivers Festivals. Carl seconded. The motion was carried.

MaryBeth motioned to adjourn the meeting. Cindy seconded. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned

updated: 14 years ago