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Business Meeting Minutes


Tribes Hill Minutes 9/14/09

Members Present

Mary Beth Kean
Ruth Post
Cindy Cromwell
Janice Rost
Fred Gillen Jr.
Joe Cromwell
Eric Puente
Bill Wisnowski
Steve Scholle
Robert M Keen
Susan Kane
Mike Morris
Steve Kirkman
David Wolff
Barb Prisament
Carl Knobloch
Joe Duraes
Matt Turk
Jay Mafale
Catherine Miles
John Geller
Iris Cohen
Pete Tamburrini

Susan called the meeting to order. She asked everyone to feed the pig and thanked Cindy for dinner.
Madhumita could not be here tonight but she asked Rick to relay on her behalf that we are in good shape financially. We have money in the bank
Carl motioned to accept minutes. Cindy seconded. Minutes accepted by vote.
Susan announced we did not receive Target grant we applied for.

River Songs
Rick gave report. The show was originally scheduled for Sept 27. We changed the date to Oct 25 because the first date was a Jewish holiday but we could not get confirmation from Tarrytown. They instead booked someone else for the date and refused to give us our deposit back. Rick and Ruth have been communicating with Tarrytown. We sent a demand letter, which Tarrytown has forwarded to their lawyer. If we do not hear from them soon we will initiate formal legal action to get our deposit back.
We have since found a new venue and formed a relationship with Beczak Yonkers, NY. They are a non-profit whose mission is to educate people about the importance of the Hudson River. They have a space located on the Hudson in Yonkers. They have Pete's canoe hanging from the ceiling. We will hold the show there on October 25. They are not charging us to use the venue. We will have to rent a tent and chairs. We will hold the concert outside and the reception inside.
We are planning a DVD, which can be used for fundraising by Beczak and Tribes Hill. We intend to fund the DVD with sponsors, art galleries, who will contribute money to include images of Hudson River paintings in a special slide show on the DVD.
The show will consist of about an hour of music, an intermission and about another hour of music. A reception will follow the show. We intend to fund this with sponsor contributions. Participating artist will be compensated.
Hammond House will be open every Monday preceding the show for rehearsal and collaboration. If you are not already involved but would like to be please email Rick.

Beczak is helping with the poster and press. We need help getting sponsors for the DVD and the reception. Mark Miller (Spuyten Duyvil) is working with Beczak and TH.
Simon Feldman has asked $2500 for filming and editing the DVD. We may need an audio person for the recording of the sound. Simon has a person $500. This will be all original music, we will own the rights, so we can broadcast and disseminate the CD.
We have financing from the grant, ticket sales. We hope to finance DVD with sponsors. Simon will include a short documentary about Beczak and will include footage of Rick's interview with Pete.
We will invite Pete. Roland Native American will be opening the show. Matt suggested Pete would come if he could sing with kids.
Ruth moved to give Simon $2500 to film show with three cameras and to edit the footage of the  show, Rick's interview with Pete and documentary about Beczak. Eric seconded. The motion was carried.

New Business
Beczak wants to start collaborative venue with Tribes Hill called, Urban H2O. Rick and Mark Miller are working on this project with the Director of Beczak. They intend to have Tribes Hill artist's host a visiting artist, sharing the bill and 50% of the proceeds. Tribes Hill would receive 10% and Beczak would receive 40%.
Bill cautioned that Tribes Hill members need to feel involved and being on committees is a way to do that. Rick expects we will form a committee once the idea is further developed but not in these beginning stages.

Compilation CD
Susan reported the committee has just about selected the artists who will be included. Because we had so many submissions we will do a double disc including 30-35 artists. Susan has received quotes for the production. Disc maker was more competitive than Oasis. They quoted $3759 for 2000 double discs with eco-friendly packaging. Susan asked Tribes Hill to make up the difference through a loan that would be repaid through the sales of the discs.
Ruth Motioned to lend up to $2000 to project to make up difference, which will be repaid. Carl seconded. The motion was carried.

Bill reported we have requested better room placement. We will extend the ad-hoc round robin into the evening for those who may not have showcases. We will have song circles if they materialize. Carl is donating the showcase room and he will stay in it. Susan Lang will be in charge of tables in exhibit hall. People in showcases will man tables. Bill would like to drop showcase fee. He asked Tribes Hill to contribute $250 for NERFA.
Fred motioned for Tribes Hill to pay $250 for exhibit hall and showcase fees for NERFA so we don't have to ask for $20 from participating artists. Jay seconded. Discussion followed regarding whether to open showcase spots up to non-members. All show-casers must put in time at table. The committee will consider the comments shared and make decision. The motion was carried.
Bill asked for volunteers to help Carl decorate and to do PR on site. Barb and Lara volunteered.
We discussed the dilemma of fitting the formal showcase idea to what Tribes Hill's mission is.
Bill motioned for NERFA 2009 we try to bring our room back into focus with our mission statement. Barb seconded. Motion carried.

Beczak's venue is too small for Solstice. Fred will look into Irvington as option. He wondered if we could consider Paramount for show? Might be too large but we could consider it. Rick agreed to head the Solstice committee with Fred.

Barb brought souvenirs from Take Me to the River.

Mary Beth Motioned to adjourn. Cindy seconded. Motion carried meeting adjourned