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Business Meeting Minutes


Tribes Hill Business Meeting
Members present:
Mary Beth Kean
Julia Bordenaro
Ira Levin
Susan Kane
Iris Cohen
Gannet Reis
George Gierer
Scoot Horton
Janice Rost
Steve Scholle
Tom Morgan
Rick Rock
Judy Kass
Pete Tamburini

7:20 George called meeting to order
Iris motioned to accept minutes. Judy seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report (report below)
Checks written to John Jay following the music festival have not been cashed

Songwriter Series will begin this Sunday. Matt, Fred and KJ will teach sessions.
People can sign up for only one session. Members suggested Facebook for marketing.

Tribes Hill Presents Singer Songwriter Show at EMBARK this Sunday. There is a $10 suggested donation, BYOB, bring your own food. You can order food from next door. Half of the door will go to the artists to divide. The other half will be split between Tribes Hill and EMBARK. It will offer an opportunity for 48 or so TH artists to perform each year. Still working out some details with EMBARK.  Kevin Whitfield is live streaming the shows for free. April and May shows are set. Working on details for submissions for future shows. There will be no show in June due to conflicts with Clearwater and our Annual Meeting.

Tribes Hill at Clearwater
Matt, Fred, Julie and Carole Ann are running the circle. There are slots for 4 more musicians Matt and Fred will select those artists.

Bedford Hills Library Fair to commemorate Centennial June 28, 1:00-4:00.
Sloan Wainwright and 2 storytellers are headlining. They would like to have additional music, maybe 3 musicians. There will be some compensation. Tribes Hill can have a table. Susan will handle submissions and selection of performers.

John Jay festival will not happen this year. We could not come up with a date. They wanted to do it March 30 or in October.

Hurdy Gurdy Folk Club in Fairlawn in NJ wants to know in late May who from TH will perform at the club December 5 2015. He expects 4 or 5 artists. This is a fundraiser. Susan, George, and Tom have formed a committee to select artists.

Clearwater would like to do a cultural partnership with Tribes Hill. They will promote our events and expect the same from us. Tom motioned to accept, Gannet seconded. Motion accepted.

Annual meeting update: We need someone for the evening show. Rick asked the Board for ideas. He would like something that will allow for collaboration. Tom suggested Potpourri Jam, musicians throw their name in a hat, groups are created and people perform 3 or so songs. Gannet suggested his band provide the background, drums, strings, key-boards for anything. Tribes Hill will pay $150 for the background musicians. Committee will take it from here.

We will also try to find some additional people to cover sound for this event with Iris and Pete. Maybe put on a workshop to teach other people to run the sound board.

Business Cards and T-shirts
Keep TH logo but make it bigger more distressed. Maybe use what we have on our CDs. “Burlap” color with black and gold letters was suggested. We can use the same logo on the cards and include website address, Facebook and a short tag line about us. We need a tag line. Rick asked members to make suggestions.

Scoot Horton has volunteered to be a Vice President next year. All other officers are willing to remain.

George is working on a digital compilation. The Tribes Hill Presents Committee is working on this.

Solstice Committee met. We will have a theme this year. We will accept collaborations and allow time for rehearsal. We will have an Emcee this year. The show will remain at Carter’s venue.

8:33 Ira motioned to adjourn. Susan seconded. Motion accepted. Meeting adjourned.

Treasurer’s Report
Tribes Hill
April 13, 2015

Thomas Morgan, Treasurer

Opening checkbook balance – 01/01/2015$5005

•Tribes Hill Presents

Total      $0

•Folk Alliance
oMembership      $85
oNon-profit     $150
•Web hosting – Slab Media      $54
•New York State Department of
Corporations – Certificate      $25

Total               $314
Note:  *Checks have not cleared ($1,334)
Closing checkbook balance – 12/31/2014$4691
(Closing balance with cleared checks)$3357