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Falcon Ridge

On-line Ballot for  Falcon Ridge 2008 "Most Wanted"

To my friends and fellow Falcon Ridge Folk Festival attendees:

As most of you know, Falcon Ridge was cut short this year due to a severe storm that reeked havoc to the infrastructure of the festival.  Fortunately, I have heard that there were no injuries.  However, lost in the storm were all or most of the surveys/ballots that are filled out at each festival.  Included on those surveys is the ballot for the "most wanted" of the emerging artists.  As many of you also know, I have a significant interest in the results of the "most wanted" contest because, as I did this past May, I hope to host the Most Wanted - Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Preview Tour. Kindly fill out the survey (on-line) and return it to Anne so that ballot counting can take place and we can look forward to another wonderful preview tour.  

Many thanks!!

Ruth F-L. Post